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Mad About Food

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Hellobali talks to Pablo Fourcard and Jordie Strybos, the industrious brothers behind The Good Food Brotherhood (TGFB) to find out about their recipe for success.

So, tell us the brothers behind the brotherhood.
We are Pablo and Jordie. We are childhood friends from Byron Bay. We grew up together with families who love food and some of them work in food industry. Living in Australia, we are accustomed to the best produce and excellent prep and presentation. Bali is very similar to Byron Bay in the sense that it shares the love for surf, community, good food and great experiences. So, with a shared love for quality wholesome food, we got together in 2013 and opened Watercress Café.

…And many more since then! Do tell us about the rest and how did you make their concepts?
With all our concepts and brands, we want them to be independent from each other and have their own identity. We start with the food notion, the energy and meaning we’re trying to impress, and then the design and strategy to give that message. We want to bring them together with the idea of providing good food experiences that are enriching, lasting and positive. So, we came up with Milk & Madu, a café with day to night menu and killer pizzas. Not limiting our repertoire to Aussie style venues, we also opened Shmurger Burger, serving delicious and affordable burgers. Bangkok Hustle was next with its Thai street food meals and then Ulekan, serving all the distinct local Indonesian flavors sans MSG or palm oil.

“There’s something about Bali that brings out sublime energy and makes people celebrate life. That what we’re about”

Why did you choose Bali as the place for TGFB?
We feel Bali has so many visitors who deserve the best food experience. While we love the local cuisine, a lot of the expats living here and the visitors of the island are Aussies. They crave flavors and food they know and love. Bali gives us platform to give that great experience and more because there is a calling for it. There’s something about Bali that brings out sublime energy and makes people celebrate life. That’s what we’re about.

Is there any particular signature that TGFB would like to be known as?
We want to be known as purveyors of enriching dining experiences. Connecting our amazing team of good food people and inspiring positive changes in the community. Uniting people through good food!

What’s in store for TGFB? Will we see more restaurants in the future?
You’ll never know with us. There are always great opportunities going on and everyone always wants good food. When that happens, we’re there!


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