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Legend of Jayaprana & Layonsari

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An encounter with Bali’s star-crossed lovers in Teluk Terima Temple.

Once upon a time in a forgotten kingdom on the Island of the Gods, lived a young orphan boy named Jayaprana. He lost his family in a terrible plague that claimed many lives. Luckily, he met the ruler of the kingdom who took pity on the handsome and courageous young boy. Jayaprana was taken to the palace and received training as a soldier. He did not disappoint and over time, he grew to be a strong soldier whose absolute loyalty lies with the King.

On one of his stroll, he captured the eyes of the most beautiful flower seller in the market. The long-haired willowy maiden immediately stole his heart and haunted his dreams. After making sure that the feeling was mutual, he asked the King’s permission to marry the beauty. The King joyously agreed and asked to be introduced to the bride-to-be on the wedding day. After the wedding was done, Jayaprana escorted his beloved new wife to have an audience with the grand old King. They bowed in front of the King and when Jayaprana’s new wife smiled, her youthful glow and lithe figure enchanted the King. Long after the newlyweds left, the King continued to think of the beauty of his soldier’s wife and his dark obsession grew

Soon, he could not contain his lust to possess the wife of Jayaprana and decided to act upon it. He summoned his General and ordered him to take Jayaparana away and have him killed. The order shocked the General. He liked the young soldier but the King was adamant. Sadly, he called upon Jayaprana and ordered him to pack and be ready to fight against a group of bandits who threaten a village within the kingdom. He bid his farewell to his tearful bride who promised her undying love and devotion to her new husband.

After a safe distance away from the capital, the General confessed to Jayaprana of the order that he had to carry on. Sadly, Jayaprana accepted his faith. He gave the kris that holds his power to the General so that he could be killed. Jayaprana died with the name of his wife on his lips. Her tearful wife instinctively felt that the husband had died. When the King visited her chamber to possess her, she refused and plunged a knife into her heart. From her dead body, an aroma of fragrant flowers wafted to the entire palace. Hence, she became known as Layonsari or fragrant dead body. It was said that the King realized his mistake and went mad.

To commemorate the tragic love story, a temple was built in Sumber Klampok, Gerogak, Buleleng. It is called Pura Teluk Terima. One needs to hike through more than 300 hundred stairs to reach the site but the surrounding view of the Menjangan Island and the sea definitely made the hike worthwhile. It is believed by the Balinese that the Gods who reside in the temple are generous in granting the wishes of the worshippers. Therefore, it remains to be one of the popular spiritual destinations in northwest of Bali.

Pura Teluk Terima
Sumber Klampok, Gerokgak, Buleleng


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