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Last Drop from The Drip

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Photo Courtesy of: @ardyandika @stv.wendy @senimancoffee

Nothing lasts forever. But memories indeed reach certain length of time, webbing our cerebrum for infinite duration. As well as the memory of sitting amidst art pieces while sipping a cup (or more) of Seniman’s hot latte. Though the age of its existence is considerably super short but those moments in this spacious, soothing cafe are arguably pictured perfectly on its loyal customers as if a memento. 

I indeed do not understand the work of feng shui (Chinese philosophical system) of a space. I have not analyzed it too. To my knowledge, however, setting our house or room based on the feng shui will invite an equal harmony, creating a livable space. I indeed did not know whether Seniman at Tony Raka applied this practical approach to their cafe or not but I really sensed the comfortable living environments, the soul inside this so-called coffee studio. The elements of nature were tucked here and there, playing with bamboos, woods, plants and a small amount of water and wind features. 

I remember the first time visiting Seniman at Tony Raka, I was wowed by the interior design, playing various theme in each chamber. The frontier, for instance, was quintessentially designed in contemporary-traditional display contributing bamboos, a Goddess’ sculpture and vibrant-coloured couch behind glass facade. Entering the
haven, a touch-of-nature showcase was pointed out by the tosca-painted wall and a big potted plant surrounded a wooden round table. On the wall, a tribal ornament prettified the atmosphere for sure, enhancing the identity of Seniman: supporting local arts. Stepping to the main area where the bar was run in the middle, a communal table sparked by a chandelier hanging above and enclosed by red bricks was on the right side. To the left was a wooden wall with a small gap of space on the corner showing a little pond and flowing water fountain. Then, here came my favorite spot, a bar on wide windows overlooking a typical Balinese house shrine. I could stay there four hours, typing my articles accompanied by my glasses of latte, and easy listening music aired by the cafe slash restaurant. 

Thanks to the sign of the universe as if an epiphany, on the last day of their venture I had the chance to taste the last drop of their specialty grade beans roasted by their own. Seniman Coffee Studio—that the first cafe is located in Jalan Sri Wedari, is known for their wide selection of single-origin coffee beans from across Indonesia, South and Central America and Africa. Their sister company under name ‘Tetap Happy Coffee Roasters’ is the warehouse behind those extraordinary bean packages. And similar to the headquarter, Seniman at Tony Raka also served as an all-day restaurant, offering a myriad of scrumptious menu ranging from traditional Indonesian dishes, Western favorites to mouth-watering cakes. 

It simply breaks my heart to regard a goodbye to this stress-free nook although Seniman Coffee Studio in Jalan Sriwedari, Central Ubud, remains operating and brewing tantalizing coffee as usual. But at the end, I [and few of their regulars] can only let the bygone, bygone. 



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