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Ksenia Senko

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Born in St. Petersburg, Russia, Ksenia Senko is already an avid sketcher who draws things a lot as far as she can remember. Even though she had successfully landed a career as professional model, art is engraved deeply in her bloody, and that’s one of the thing she couldn’t stop doing. 

Now, she is also known as a talented young painter in Bali who love to associates everyone and everything around her with vibrant color. Equipped with a studio and dreams as limitless as outer space, she continues to create (huge) canvas after canvas of vivid paintings, brilliantly channeling her inner Dali and Basquiat into original contemporary masterpieces. Here’s her brief story as told by personal worlds. 

My background is a creative family and a crazy childhood. The world of contemporary painting makes me feel really happy and alive. I love to associate my life with colors and it is what keeps me dreaming. Thanks god Art exist!

I was living between modeling trips, fashion weeks and art. I have met some of the most talented people in fashion world. That time, I was painting mainly in my sketch book, but after I landed in Bali, I moved to big canvases and finally put my hands to work deeply with oil paints. 

My first painting ever was made in Bali. It was full of colors and big, and I keep moving in this way. I like that I’m not limited in size, it is giving me more sense of freedom. 

My signature style is comprised by 3 favorite things that I love to do and mix together on one canvas; splashes, rough lines and transparent, very light objects. I like to work in series of paintings and explore a theme that inspires me. 

Painters who inspired me are Paul Gauguin, Salvador Dali and Jean-Paul Basquiat. I love their life stories too. 

Project I’m currently working on is my first big mural and collection of paintings about Tennis for Liga Tennis Centre & Academy in the heart of Canggu next month. I feel so excited about this project!

For me, ‘Contemporary’ is what people can’t understand sometimes but definitely can feel! 

My personal favorite color composition is dark blue, and always will be! And I can’t explain why but when I’m starting at this color it gives me same kind a feel as ocean or outer space, it’s so deep and endless. I like to compliment this color with yellow or orange. 

In terms of art-making process. I feel satisfied at most when I play with colors; mixing blending, and creating new tones. 

Tools that I must always have during my art-making process are Fingers! I can’t live without my fingers. 

In three words, I am a little immortal child.


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