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It’s Okay Not To Be Okay: 11 Things To Cheer You Up During Prolonged Pandemic

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Yeah, it’s been almost two years and we can feel you: pandemic sucks. But amidst this gloomy and uncertain era, we have to stay positive (our mindset, not the other positive) to maintain our happiness, health and sanity. Here are 11 practical tips that you could try.

1.Write down good things each day

Even though you are confined in your room with limited places to go, there’s always a beauty to cheer upon in the world. Examine your surroundings and cherish them through writings; the clear blue air, sound of Ocean waves, impromptu tranquility, or even every breath of fresh air. ‘Tis all good!

2. Do some useful activities

Got tired of Netflix and chill? Why don’t you pick up that book you bought earlier this year and still neatly tucked in your cupboard? Maybe you would learn a new thing or two in the process! (more on this later)

3. Routine workout

Regular body exercise wouldn’t hurt. In fact, it will boost your condition and make your immune system stronger. Another plus point: a better shape to embrace your next holiday!

4. Start the day with right attitude

Positive mental attitude will determine the rest of your day. Start it right by tidying your bed, taking a good shower, and enjoy every air you breathe, it will do you more good than you know!

5. Learn new things

Never cooked something beside water (or microwaving) before? Well, maybe it’s time for a slight change. Challenge yourself to learn at least one thing that you couldn’t or never did before. Who knows that it might change your life for good! 

6. Keep in touch with friends and family

Remember, you are not alone in this. Always keep in touch with your inner circle and family. Let them know about your situation and vice versa. You would feel better knowing that we are facing this together.

7. Make a fun future (post-pandemic) plan

Planning something is always beneficial. Especially during times like this. List down places that you would visit after this pandemic ends; with whom you might go, and what would you do there. It’s always great to dream and see it become reality!

8. Count your blessings!

We have covered this before when we mention that you should cherish every breath of fresh air, but it wouldn’t hurt to remind you again to be grateful. Your pandemic situation is bad, but there are those out there who experience a lot worse. So be thankful for everything you have right now, even if it might not look so much.

9. Turn down the (news) TV

Sometimes, the media gives us unnecessary sensory overload. There are lots of contradictions, rumors and false information regarding the pandemic (that the TV shared anyway), so it’s better to take your time off the news TV for a while. Watch Netflix, or Youtube, or Tiktok, it might feel so much better.

10. Help others

We did mention that there are amongst us in the society who are not so lucky in facing this dire pandemic situation. Reach out and help them any way you can, whether sending clothes, food or some money. Sharing is caring, and that makes the world a little bit better

11. Keep believing that this too, shall pass

Goes without saying. You got this. We got this. Can’t wait to see you all in Bali after this. Hang in there, good folks!


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