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It’s a Love Story

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For all your wedding needs, Bali Event Hire is your go-to solution. 

Being one of the most sought after wedding destinations in the world, Bali sure has plenty of options for the groom and bride-to-be. Offering an enchanted cliff top backdrop, or the beautiful scenery of a beachside wedding, Bali does it well. And for every couple that is looking to create their day extra special, Bali Event Hire is here to help you out. 

Inspired by two best friends, Sarah and Vanessa, the idea of Bali Event Hire was born when they were struggling to find the perfect furniture for a birthday event. They both believe that beautiful furniture has the potential to set a scene, to tell a story, and create an unforgettable moment not just for the guests but also for the people who are celebrating it. Being the style leader in event hire on the island, Bali Event Hire is focused to make your day even more special and to reflect the beauty and magical Bali. Get to know them better below and see what make Bali is a dream destination for a wedding from the experts. 

How did Bali Event Hire come about?

The universe definitely conspired to make it happen! Sarah and I met the amazing Ani (boss lady) through mutual friends at exactly the same time that we were planning a private party at the beautiful Villa Atas Ombak in 2013. When it came to selecting tables and chairs for the party, we were super surprised to discover that there wasn’t any choice! Honestly, it was either white Tiffany chairs or white Tiffany chairs and we didn’t want either! Sooo…..long story short we had our own Bentwood chairs and natural teak tables made and the event was amazing! The actual next day, we met lovely Ani through a mutual friend. Ani was starting a super small furniture rental business (no joke) and the rest, as they say, is history! We’re 3,500 weddings down now and we’re all super proud! 

What do you enjoy about your work? 

So many things! The opportunity to be as creative as we can be and to design and produce beautiful furniture is definitely one of them. The relationships we have with all our wonderful clients – there are so many incredibly talented and lovely people in the Bali wedding industry. The joy we get helping our brides make their creative visions a reality can’t be underestimated – we love this part! Sarah and I also really love our staffs and the team and the culture we have all created together. We have the most dedicated, hardworking and loyal team in Bali (ask anyone) and they make us laugh a lot! 


What sort of décor do you handle? Are you exclusive to weddings or do you handle all sorts of events? 

Bali Event Hire offers a really extensive range of beautiful furniture for weddings and special events on the island. We have countless chairs, tables, stools, high and low cocktail sets, lounge sets, bars, arches, letter lights, neon signs – the list goes on! We also cater to different décor styles from Tropical Glam to Boho, to Contemporary to Old School Romance – we have something to suit everyone’s taste. 

Is it true, when it comes to wedding decoration that ‘more is more’?

Not always every wedding is so different and needs to reflect the personality and vision of the couple. More can be more and less can be more – it just depends. 

Based on your experience doing weddings, what are the most requested decors for a wedding in Bali? 

For 2019, Classic Hollywood is having a real resurgence. Our Louis range is hugely popular this season due to its classic lines and romantic hand carved detail. Add some beautiful billowing drapery, chandeliers, hundreds of plump roses and chilled champagne – perfection. 

A sun-drenched beach vibe will never go out of fashion for wedding décor in Bali. The challenge is to reinvent it each year so there is a always a fresh interpretation. This season we have launched our Capetown chair, which was inspired by long hot summers in South Africa, icy gin and tonics with fresh limes at sunset and endless gazing over the Indian Ocean. There are so many ways to make this style your own. 

Lastly, we are seeing some gorgeous dramatic, moody tones on style boards this season. Jewel tones in soft furnishings and floral with striking black chairs and bars. Amazing contrast and compliment to the earthy Bali landscape. 

How do you feel after you finish working on a wedding? 

Happy and honored! Happy that another glowing couple has tied the knot in beautiful Bali and honored that we have contributed. 

Have you had anything go wrong in the run-up to the big day?

Nothing too major, thank goodness than its fair share of curve balls by Mother Nature lately. A number of our couples have had to postpone their weddings due to flight cancellations – but they all got there in the end. 

In your opinion, where is the most romantic place for a wedding in Bali?

There are too many to name! The gorgeous Uluwatu cliff top, a lush private villa garden in Canggu, the dense tropical landscape in Ubud, and the endless beachfront in Seminyak. There is something for everyone in Bali. 

What tips do you have for brides and grooms when choosing the type of decorations and color scheme for their wedding? 

Trust your own gut and style and don’t be too influenced by trends and definitely become really good friends with Pinterest and follow us at @balieventhire.


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