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Home-Sesh: When You Can’t Go Out, Get Your Booze at Home

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With another extension to the Community Activities Restrictions Enforcement (or PPKM) period, there’s so much that we could do to try to fill the extra time at home. Obviously, drinking is definitely at the top of that list.

Other than it’s fun, it will definitely help you with the stress. Besides, if being in public places and drinking side by side with strangers would give you anxiety, then having a home session with your inner circle is really recommended. As for supplies, you can still go out for groceries, and there are so many supermarkets in Southern Bali that have selections of alcoholic beverages. Yet, if you’re still upholding strict safety and health procedures, the island also isn’t short of home delivery services as well.

1. The Boogaloo. This service has been around since my days living in the island. Quite impressive catalogue, which has unique brands like Haku, Komasa Aperol, or Monkey Puzzle. 

2. Wow Booze. Comprehensive selection, including all of your favorites that would surely lighten up all the parties. 

3. Gypsy Land. The equivalent of an artisan coffee shop, but with their own cocktails instead. A vibrant variations of tipples, available from personal portions to 1 litre bottles. 

4. Pintu Merah. Owned by one of Bali’s most experienced bartender, Arey Baker, the bar adapted their business and now serving home deliveries as well. What’s not to like about their homemade signature arak?

Now that you’ve got different selections for different drinks for different parties and different people, what are you waiting for? Drown those lockdown anxiety away. Bottom’s up!


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