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Home-Decor Haven : 7 Spot For Furniture Shopping In Bali

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Every aspect of Bali is seems to be a paradise of its own; from the culture, nature, to wide arrays of hospitality establishment (hotel, villa, resort, café, and restaurant) alike. If you didn’t already know, nowadays the island also considered as one of the best place for furniture and home ware seekers. So if you are looking to find a quality addition to your fabulous boho luxe or posh modern-minimalist interior décor during your holiday, you know that you have come to the perfect place. Here we listed 7 of the best home ware shops around Bali. Prepare your…uhm…Extra luggage!


  1. Kamala Home Boutique


We kick off this list with one of the most recommended. Situated in Ubud, Kamala has been a to-go place for avid furniture and décor enthusiast looking for unique contemporary designed items to enhance their residence. The showrooms consist of two Balinese courtyard townhouses filled with locally-made and sourced furniture, fixture and home accessories. All the items laid out just as they would be in a house setting to provide their visitors with real-time experiential shopping. If you appreciate one-of-a-kind originality, you’ll be glad to know that the designs here are quite inimitable; from Javanese antiques, decorated pillows to embroidered upholsteries, each creates their own fascinating pieces stories to complete your elaborate home décor. Kamala has also been supplying various prominent names of resorts and restaurants around Bali; such as Bvlgari Resort and Biku just to name a few.

Jl. Tegal Sari No. 10, Ubud

T: +62 812 380 6485



2. Toko Emporium


Well-known for their selections of unique décor pieces hand-carved from water buffalo skull, Toko Emporium is a haven for the weird and wonderful. Their animal-shaped furniture and home accessories designs will leave you astounded; from cowhide stools to bronze ant sculpture. If you have a knack for out-of-the-box design whether aiming for minimalist or vibrant home décor, Toko Emporium is a must-visit place. You’ll never know what goodness you can find here, among the arrays of distinctive, peculiar, beautiful things they carefully displayed.

Jl. Oberoi No. 1, Seminyak

T: +62 821 4745 9485


3. HOBO Bali


Hoo boy, a true haven for bohemian home décor enthusiast out there, HOBO Bali offers unique furniture and home accessories with the main focus on environmental sustainability and supporting Balinese local community. All of their products are locally made in Indonesia using each region’s native natural materials. Brilliantly blends bohemian and modern with intricate local touches (such as Javanese ‘Batik’ pattern), BOHO Bali will add a stylish contemporary aesthetic to enhance your home décor camaraderie.

Jl. Kerobokan Kelod No 105

T: +62 361 733 369


4. Jenggala Keramik


As one of the most prominent ceramic producers in the island, Jenggala Keramik put all their zeal and effort to create piece after piece of beautiful glass and fired-ceramic ware. Its signature organic designs are deliberately featured throughout wide range of items; from teapots, cups, saucers, bowls, plate, vases to ashtray and tissue boxes (!). One of the key elements that make Jenggala thrive amongst its competitors are their continuous innovation, as they produce wide-range of ceramics with inspiring combination of shapes, forms and colors each year. Own at least a piece of this prestigious ceramic brand to increase your home deco prestige.

Jl. Uluwatu II, Jimbaran

T: +62 361 703 311


5. Bungalow Living


Another paradise in the realm of boho-luxe home wares, each of Bungalow Living’s two outlets in Berawa area (uniquely located face to face with one another) offers a slightly different range of quality items with similar tribal-tropical hybrid concept. It’s hard not to fall in love with their ample collections of crocheted blankets, kantha, cushions and handmade jewelry. Bungalow Living also boasts a dedicated line of pet dogs products inspired by the store’s very own furry guardian poodle, BB King.

Jl. Pantai Berawa 35A, Canggu

T: +62 361 844 6567


6. Lio Collection


Just like what Jenggala did with ceramics, Lio can be considered a pioneer of home ware supplier in Bali with experience of over 3 decades (36 years to be precise) in the said field. Just a glimpse to the uber-polished catalogue in their website will be enough to give you the idea that Lio only manufacture stunning pieces of artful handicraft. If you’re in the market, Lio Collection is well-known for their gorgeous rattan and bamboo furniture collections, so make sure you check this ‘Balinese IKEA’ out whenever you’re enjoying your holiday in the island!

Jl. Raya Kerobokan No.2, Banjar Taman Kerobokan

T: +62 8510 208 9550


7. Cempaka Bali


Have you ever wondered if the aspect of everyday life in Bali is made into a gracefully design furniture? Cempaka Bali has the perfect answer for you. From traditional wooden chair with intricate carving on its back, to solid Balinese lounges with sleek line, Cempaka furniture will help to re-establish your memorable Bali vacation right at your own home, with a modern twist. The brand’s supplying portfolio is not too be taken lightly as well; with names such as Alila Resort, Novotel and Nusa Dua Beach Hotel & Spa has asked Cempaka’s aid in furnishing their lavish interior.

Jl. Bypass Ngurah Rai 8, Simpang Siur, Kuta

T: +62 361 766 555







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