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Hidden Oasis Up In The Ubud’s Jungle

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Photo Courtesy: Michelle Chu @michutravel

Immerse yourself at the beatify of award winning Four seasons Sayan through the lens of highly talented lifestyle photographer, Michelle Chu.

Located in the central highlands of Ubud, Four Seasons Sayan is simultaneously an intimate hideaway nestled between two rivers, and a global architectural icon. Guests make a dramatic entrance via a footbridge high above the treetops, leading to a stunning rooftop pond from which they descend into the lobby and the resort’s natural paradise. Submerged in the jungle greenery, the resort provides guests a place to retreat from the world and embrace the valley’s healing energy. And now, we are giving you the chance to see more beauty of Four Seasons Sayan through the words and lens of avid traveler/ lifestyle photographer Michele Chu (@michutravel).

Hi Michelle, could you tell us a bit about yourself and your background?
I am a travel and lifestyle photographer with a graphic design background. My passion for travel has seeded since I was at a young age; my family often takes me to a new place to explore beautiful scenery, experience different cultures, and cuisines for vacation.

Why do you love traveling? What made you fell in love with it?
I’ve always enjoyed traveling since a young age.
I enjoy visiting new places, meeting people from around the world and learn about their style of living and culture. I always find it fascinating to experience theses things first hand and appreciate all the beautiful things around the world first hand.

How did you turn your passion for traveling into a career?
I decided to quit my design job after working for a few years; I wanted to travel more before I start a family. I started my Instagram around mid 2016. Many of my photos have gone viral on Instagram and I was able to grow a decent following and started receiving invites. With a design background, I am always into photography and editing photos, and I think that helped me a lot on this platform.

What made you want to travel to Bali?
Bali has always been on my list for a long time,
I always find photos from Bali really photogenic. There are a huge range of things to explore and photograph in Bali, from luxury resorts, rice terraces, mountains to temples and beaches.

What do you like about Bali? Is it the food?
In terms of travel destinations, I personally love to visit places that offers both beautiful nature and good food – within a few hours of travel distance – I’m away from the city and close to nature, and Bali also offer a wide range of food selections.

What do you love the most about Four Seasons Bali?
The location, the entrance — Four Sesaons Sayan in particular has one of the coolest and breathtaking entrances. I also love the lush feel of all the villas, surrounded by so many greens and have a lot of privacy. I also really like the Spa at Four Seasons Sayan, it’s located within a lotus pond.

What were your favorite activities that you do in Four Seasons Bali?
As one do while visiting Ubud, or Bali in general, I decided to spend my time just relaxing and pampering myself at the spa. I also decided to explore the town of Ubud and take a lot of photos, not only in Ubud city center, but also in Four Seasons Sayan. I think this resort is one of the most super photogenic places I have ever been to.

Did you learn something new from traveling to Bali?
Definitely, yes! I need to go back and stay longer next time. Bali still has so many place that I need to explore.


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