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Hidden Green Getaway: 5 Underrated Eco-Friendly Retreats In Bali

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Folks, we are just days away from the end of 2020. Let’s embrace the upcoming year and get ready for another holiday in Bali very soon! To commemorate the ‘new’ holiday season, we compile yet again several fascinating destinations to give you some idea on the next places to visit on your Bali getaway. We suggest to think outside of the mainstream spots, as it will most-likely be fully packed with visitors who are also longing for a pleasant break in-between their daily hustle and bustle after the confinement of COVID-19 pandemic. Check our lists and see if you have been to the destinations we’ve mentioned below!

1.The Alchemist Lodge

Perched on the quaint area of Balangan, Jimbaran, The Alchemist Lodge brings planet-friendly fantasy to life. The ramshackle-chic bungalow features an entire tree trunk growing through the bathroom, proving that they really live-up to their eco-friendly commitment. The resort consists of local raw materials, lazy hammocks, and arrays of vegan menu to complement your tranquil stay. Wake up to the sound of playful squirrels and chirping birds, take a dip in their T-Shirt shaped swimming pool or just lay down on the comfy beanbags hidden beneath the shade of tropical palms. It’s a definite place to spend your carefree holiday.

2. Mana Earthly Paradise

Embracing sustainability through practices and innovative eco-technologies, Mana Earthly Ubud is a next generation eco-hotel run by NGO, Earth Company. Here, you may find collections of “earth-bag domes”-shaped rooms, probiotic restaurants and conscious stores. It’s all about low-impact, high-comfort living at Mana Earthly Ubud; as they dedicatedly use solar power, harvest rainwater and grow their own organic vegetables. Expect green amenities on each room unit; from zero waste mattresses, eco shower heads, organic soaps and solar panels. These, coupled with an amazing vista of Ubud’s greenery will definitely make your stay as heavenly as (earthly) possible.

3. Sarinbuana Eco Lodge

A haven for all nature-lovers, Sarinbuana Eco Lodge will take you deep into the heart of Bali island. Seated on the slopes of Mount Batukaru with panoramas of pure greenery on every side, the entire experience will definitely take you back to cherish the timeless nature. Not only the bungalows are made from all-natural materials, the resort’s fresh produce is sourced from the lodge’s own permacultural garden as well. As an eco-resort, their extensive sustainability effort is close to unparalleled; from energy and water-saving initiatives to wildlife conservation and empowerment for the surrounding local community.

4. Sumberkima Hill

Perched high above the hills of Pemuteran area, North-West Bali, Sumberkima Hill is a lavish villa retreat with collections of elevated lodgings. Each of their villas soaks up the area’s most beautiful natural assets: volcano views, Ocean horizon and best seat to capture both sunrise and sunset moments. For all of its constructed wonders, the real fabulous fact about Sumberkima is their relentless work behind-the-scenes to ensure the regeneration of its surrounding environment. From reforestation in nearby mountains to reef restoration initiatives in the bay, their ecological impact has already reached beyond the villa’s gorgeous walls. They take care of the people, land and sea as well without sacrificing their quality as upscale getaway.

5. Camaya Bali

You might stumble upon one or two pictures of Camaya on Instagram, especially their iconick ‘floating hammock’ shot with a bamboo backdrop overlooking lush jungles and rice terraces. Situated at Karangasem, far from the hustle and bustle party vibe of Bali island, Camaya will be a pampering home away from home throughout your holiday moment, with five individual bamboo houses each boasting their own unique, sustainable design. Book, stay and discover the magic at this bamboo-based eco-friendly retreat.


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