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Girls Weekend Getaway That Won’t Break the Bank

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It’s payday! After an uncertain few months, you deserve a break. But how to entertain yourself (and a few members of your inner circle) without spending too much?

You see, I’m no expert in weekend getaways, nor I am in girls. But I did ask several of my female friends in Bali about what they would consider an affordable weekend getaway to be. I just set up some ground rules for them to choose the spots – such as uniqueness, accessibility, and of course, quite a bargain from the price point. A bunch of wonderful places came up, but the list below is quite the interesting summary.

Kintamani Sunrise Hill Camp – As its name states clearly, this camping ground benefits from one of the best points in Bali to witness the first daybreak. For years, Kintamani have been always everybody’s go-to location for the specific activity. But to experience it right outside of our tents is a luxury on its own, especially when equipped in a high-end accomodation.

Bali Beach Glamping – Another camping experience, this time instead of the mountain, we have the beach. Located in Pantai Tampih of Tabanan, just a shy north of Tanah Lot. Meaning, the view features the opposite spectrum of the first campsite: sunset. Sleeping looking the stars while listening to the waves must be magical.

Korowai Bali – The only actual resort on the list, this accomodation takes seaside huts to the next level with its impeccable architecture. Wooden floors, rustic limestone finish, semi-outdoor shower, a balcony that oversees the deep cliffs of Uluwatu. The neighborhood have many southside five star resorts. But one that’s in this prime address but so down to earth? We don’t think so either.

Do you have other suggestions that falls into the category? Let us know!


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