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Genius Ways that the Hospitality Industry Adapted in the Post-Pandemic Era

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As the overall number of COVID-19 cases begins to decrease in recent weeks, on the opposite spectrum is the increase of a safer environment for businesses to rebuild.

Being Bali’s main artery, should the good numbers be stable, every aspect of tourism is expected to pick up in the following months. This means opening the borders for foreign visitors, hospitality operations returning to normal, dine-in guests and bar patrons filling our favorite F&B outlets, retails picking up sales, and so on. Of course, that is completely wishful thinking for now.

As an outsider with no expertise in the business, except having close relationships with its professionals and countless unforgettable experiences of spoiling myself, I can only feel deeply sorry for this forceful halt. Yet, in times of despair, there’s always some things to be inspired from. I am listing down some of the things that the industry, in its resilience during these hard times, had already attempted to adapt. Wait, let me rephrase: I am listing down BRILLIANT things.

1. Home services 

One of the most popular pivots for hospitality is bringing their quality services straight to their customers’ homes. Whether it’s signature dishes or several course meals in a basket, bottled favorite sauce or drinks, brand merchandise packs, even spa treatments. Having the luxury hospitality experience, without actually being in a hospitality property.

2. Packages

This is probably one of the most obvious, and quite honestly, depending on the property’s facilities, it could be limitless. Stay packages are obvious, especially for weekends. Usually that is split again into many demographics: such as family, big group, couple, etc. Another option is packages for the experience, like for pools, dining, gym, or kids club. One even opened a workshop for their kitchen team experience!

3. Online experiences 

This one is still not that common, and granted considering its slight complexity, is quite understandable. This service means that you will be taken on a virtual tour of the property, hosted by an experienced employee. Sadly, this may not be very fruitful financially. Big plus for this is that it could reach guests from overseas who long to visit.

Did we miss something? Do you think there are even greater ideas that we haven’t mention here? Or even better: do you have any ideas that our hospitality industry could try to pull in these challenging times?


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