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From Frankfurt With Love; Lindenberg Hotel Set To Open In Rural West Bali

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From Frankfurt to Bali, Lindenberg is ready to bring their exquisite charm through the opening of their fourth hotel establishment; The Lost Lindenberg.

The Front of Lindenberg Libertine, Frankfurt

Set to be established amidst black lava sand beach, lush jungle of palm trees and foaming undulating waves of Pekutatan, West Bali, Lost Lindenberg dig its roots deep into Bali’s ground with all of its European charm and delight.

It carries the core goals of Lindenberg international brand; to turn the community into a global collective of progressive city dwellers with humanistic ideals, deliberately reinventing contemporary living culture of sustainability, culture, community spirit, design and strong social attitude.

Lindenberg Libertine's Livingroom

As Bali becomes their first international destination, Lindenberg wanted to subvert expectations. The foundations for their fourth project in the island were the remoteness of a plot of land; surrounded by temples and eternally long, pristine lava sand beach; far from Bali’s usual tourist infrastructure and bustling atmosphere.

Exchange all the crowdedness with tranquility of pure nature, shared surfing, and overall immersion in Bali’s fascinating culture and nature; including communal dinner table and…homegrown pineapples.

Lindenberg Libertine's Room

The Lost Lindenberg has been planned to open around October–the rainy season of 2021. The boutique hotel will only feature eight rooms, all meticulously planned as a seclusive, luxury space for all its guest. Designed by the grand collaboration of acclaimed architect Alexis Dornier and prominent Studio Jencquel, all units of The Lost Lindenberg will provide memorable staying experience amongst the swaying palm trees, and created with utmost detail for attention*

The merge of traditional looking roof silhouettes with contemporary design will be accompanied by a natural play of light through the treetops. As with the other Lindenberg houses, the guest collective experience is set around communal areas. Unpretentious. Close to nature. Philanthropic. With its own waves in front of the door, and only a stone‘s throw away from the world famous surf break, Medewi.

There will also be a small, vegan restaurants within the hotel that uses only locally-sourced Balinese vegetable and fruits for its ingredients–some of which are homegrown.

*Since there are obviously no photo yet of the upcoming The Lost Lindenberg, we featured some of Lindenberg Libertine Frankfurt’s pictures for your eyes to feast on in this article. Imagine what European charm and comfort awaits on your West Bali holiday!


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