Protecting the Environment in Style

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With a large following on social media, get an in-depth look at how all-around island girl, Riz Romauli, uses her platform to raise awareness on preserving the environment, all the while doing it in style. 

Born and raised in Indonesia, Riz Romauli completed her studies in San Francisco, California, before moving back to Indonesia. Art is her passion, but music and nature are her therapy. She has many hobbies including writing, listening to music, going to the beach and trying new cafes and restaurants but her biggest interest is travelling. She doesn’t see her self as a foodie, but she does love exploring different places to eat almost every day.

Although she enjoys being a city girl, Riz moved to Bali a year ago to escape the hustle and bustle of Jakarta, a city she doesn’t see herself living in. She has been going back and forth to Bali her whole life and it has been her top destination to escape. Riz loves the tropical island life because being close to mother nature gives her the best positive energy. She says that Bali always feels like home, it opens her mind and gives her a peace of mind like no other place. Bali gives her inspirations and keeps her going every day.

After working as a freelance make-up artist for 2 years, Riz decided to start her own eco-friendly brand, SUMBU. An advocate for sustainability and the environment, Riz started SUMBU a few months after moving back to Indonesia. It hit her how everyone in Indonesia easily gives out plastic. Indonesia is the second richest country in biodiversity, yet she feels like most of the people here aren’t well educated and environmentally-conscious enough to know the impact plastic has to the environment. SUMBA is a project that allows people to explore and understand more about the environment, and to raise awareness for its protection. Her goal is to educate people to understand the basics of what they can do to become eco-friendlier, to start making smart choices on a personal level that starts to raise their awareness and how they can start practicing conservation as they become more aware of the consumption of resources. 

With a large following on her social media, Riz is usually found in cafes; writing, drinking coffee and eating smoothies during the day. She usually works remotely so she can work from anywhere. On sunny days, she loves going to the beach to sunbathe with fresh coconut in hand. She usually visits local ‘warungs’ to catch the sunset and tries to avoid touristy areas, preferring to explore Bali’s hidden gems. Riz says that her personal style could be anything from whatever she is feeling at the moment. She tends to have a practical laidback style, anything that feels comfortable. Baggy pants and track pants are her current favorites, but her style changes all the time.

“My mom basically dressed me as a boy when I was a kid. When I see my old photos, I wore a lot of denim jumpsuits, plaid shirts, or anything that looks super tomboy rather than dresses. She would shop at the boy’s section for me. I guess that’s why it doesn’t matter how much I experiment with different kinds of styles, I will always have that tomboy vibe with me,” said Riz. Riz’s ultimate style icons since she was little are Mary-Kate and Ashley Olson, something that has never changed. During her high school years, Riz went through a grunge period, before her style evolved into a more ‘boho’ look, often combining both. She used to only wear boots and didn’t own a lot of sneakers when she was younger. She will forever love her boots but prefers wearing sneakers nowadays. That was quite a big change for her because she cherished her boots as if they were her babies.

Several things that are a crucial for her every day life is a hair tie, a complete must-have, and blotting paper, it is basically her holy grail to deal with the weather in Bali. When asked about the three things every girl should have in their closet, Riz believes that its different for every girl, but in her opinion, good jeans, comfortable cardigans and tank tops are very important. Some of her favorite things about living in Bali include the healthy foods, the nature, the music scene, and the fact that you can meet so many new people from around the world and build your network. All in all, she loves the environment and the quality of life in Bali. Riz’s favorite brands in Bali are La Luna, Bamboo Blonde, and Sabia Designs.

Riz’s favorite spots to go in Bali are Berawa Beach for sunsets, Bukit Peninsula for day trips, Crate café and Shady Shack for smoothies, Bottega Ristorante for Italian food, Warung Sushitoo and TYGR Sushi for sushi, and Makan-Makan by Varuna for the best homemade Indonesian food. Riz believes that there are many things that needs to be changed and improved in Bali such as banning single-use plastic. Riz understands that it won’t happen anytime soon as the locals still love to use plastic for everything, but she has hope for the future since the locals are now more aware as a result of visitors from more environmentally-aware countries who refuse the use of plastic. 

Career-wise, Riz hopes to expand her brand and build an online marketplace for affordable eco-friendly products and to have her own organization to run environmental volunteering programs to educate people about the environment. She also has a goal to travel to more than 50 countries within the next 10 years.

08 March 2019
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