Good Meals with Ray Adriansyah

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As one of the two kitchen wizards behind what probably is the best restaurant in Bali at the moment (that’s Locavore to you, kids), Ray still digs his most modest appetites every now and then. As you can see here, his list ranged from a weekly family bazaar to a nationwide nasi Padang franchise - who’d a thunk?

Restoran Padang Sederhana
I’m Sumatran, and it’s just natural that I grew up with nasi Padang. Among an array of well known names scaterred all over the island, as well as some staples of certain areas (such as Kerobokan, Legian, Denpasar, they all have their favourites), Sederhana is the place to go for Padang cuisine in Bali. Either for bungkus (takeaway) or to dine in - along with the urban legend-slash-joke that states you will have a larger portion when ordering to go instead of dining in. But, no doubt, nasi Padang just never fails me - or anybody for that matter.

Sunday Market at Cafe Batu Jimbar Sanur 
A nice place to start the day with my family or with friends on a Sunday morning. Not a restaurant per-se, but love the varieties of Indonesian snacks they have here, it reminds me of many moments during my childhood - especially because they’re all home made. They have many, such as the lumpia (spring roll), otak-otak (fish cake), shiu mai, to nasi kuning, nasi lemak and gado-gado (peanut sauce salad). For me, they make the best ketoprak in the island! If you’re curious, ketoprak is a Jakarta native dish consisting the mix of diced rice cake, glass noodles, fried tofu, bean sprouts and a generous drench of peanut sauce and soy sauce.

Nusantara by Locavore 
I can't deny it, Nusantara is really one of my favourite place in Bali - and not only because it’s part of our group. What do I like about it ? It’s super casual, arranged in a good setting with family style and has a variety of traditional Indonesian dishes from different regions of the country. Although you wouldn't find nasi goreng or mie goreng here. My favourites from the last time I visited were pesmol mujair (an authentic Sundanese fish dish) and oseng jantung pisang (stir-fried banana bud).
Located on the very street where Ray and his two partners chef Eelke Plasmeijer and manager Adi Karmayasa built their culinary empire, Nusantara is the latest in the Locavore family - after the renowned restaurant itself, the casual Locavore To-Go, Locavore Deli and late night watering hole Night Rooster. All with the same principle of utilising local produce, proteins and ingredients in all of their creations.

Xia House Canggu 
Just recently opened, Xia House is really a hidden gem that’s worth to try in Canggu area. I came in for the first time out of curiosity, and will be coming back regularly. It;s very easy going, comforting, but super tasty food all around. The brick chicken and the chicken parfait is my favourite dish among with other things  A must try indeed for true foodies in search for good new places.

29 June 2018
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