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TEDx Ubud founder and event director, and all around Ubudian, Daniela Burr have lived in Bali’s art city in the past seven years. In that period of time, other than running the much awaited inspiration inducing annual talkshow, she’s a woman who knows how to spend her days with some neat activities in the most interesting spots. 

Ubud Yoga Center
This has become my favorite place to do yoga. And HIIT (high intensity interval training). And bring my kid for play dates. And drink good coffee. And catch up with friends over the weekend. And slow down, recharge, connect. An all-in-one spot in Ubud for anyone looking to be an active morning person (no choice with a kid,) mom, entrepreneur, friend, partner, and community member—in one single morning. Plus a gorgeous view of the jungle to top it all off. Highly recommended.

Njana Tilem Museum
Bali is known worldwide for the excellence of its wood carving, to which this museum is dedicated. It showcases selected pieces of two historical master carvers: Ida Bagus Njana and Ida Bagus Tilem. It is a monumental setting reminiscent of past Majapahit architecture. Breathtaking. It only took one meeting and a private 30-minute tour led by the man behind it all, Pak Alit, to make it our new TEDxUbud venue. Attendees will be blown away.

John Hardy Workshop & Showroom
I have been in Bali for seven years and have never seen or experienced anything like this. This place is for people who appreciate beauty and quality. It is easy to reserve a tour and grant yourself the chance to see how John Hardy jewelry is made. Each piece is crafted by hand using ancient jewelry making techniques, which enlivens the meaning of this craft. This tour is a real feast for the senses of any creative person. The highlight of my visit was sharing a delicious farm-to-table meal with the management team and visiting the stunning Kapal Bambu.

Sari Api Ceramics Studio
I never knew how ceramic plates were truly made until I tried to make my own. It was way harder than I expected! I absolutely love engaging in activities that bring me closer to my childhood—this is one of them. Sari Api offers simple 3-hour workshops where you get to experiment with the various hand-building techniques and wheel throwing. So worth it. And so much fun! I left this place full of joy and admiration for the people who make this their craft. A great way to spend a day off in Ubud.

29 June 2018
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