Bitte Design Studio: Designing for Sustainability

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If you haven’t heard of Bitte Design Studio, then you’ll definitely know them now. Behind every great establishments is a great design team. Bitte Design Studio is responsible for the design of several iconic establishments in Jakarta such as Dragonfly Club, Blowfish Club, Mr. Fox, Nitro Coffee, Beer Hall and more recently Artotel Haniman Ubud in Bali. Hello Bali had the chance to talk to the creative minds behind Bitte Design Studio to get to know them a little better. Enjoy!

First of all, tell us a little bit about the background of Bitte Design Studio? When and how was it established? Who are the creative minds behind? Bitte Design Studio is a Jakarta-based architecture, interior and product design company endeavor with a simple mission to create a sustainable space for people. Agatha Carolina and Chrisye Octaviani established it back in 2012. The pair spent two years working at Andramatin Architect before setting out on their own. Currently, there are seven of us working on this studio. 

What makes Bitte Design Studio unique? What differentiates Bitte Design Studio from other design companies? Bitte Design Studio is a small and intimate company. Our casual approach leads us to work and collaborate with people from any fields and backgrounds. At Bitte Design Studio, function takes the highest priority. We are not only designing based on the aesthetic aspect, but more to the functionality aspect.

Where does Bitte Design Studio derive inspirations? What are some of the things that inspire the designs of Bitte Design Studio? The inspirations come from our daily life, because we are designing for human. Therefor, we need to understand people’s behavior to make a good design. We believe that designers are problem solvers. As a studio, we always have a design trip every year. It helps us to get more inspirations from another great places and cultures. To understand a space, we need to experience it ourselves. So we always go out and travel.

How much does art and culture affect the designs of Bitte Design Studio? Could you elaborate? Art and culture really affect our designs. Both are significant in shaping our way of designing. By understanding culture, it enables us to explore more on the style of design that we want to approach. Moreover, art is the essence of every design. It is a personal process that every designer will face. It affect the design in the preliminary thinking process, it shapes the way we see things.

What are some of Bitte Design Studios biggest accomplishments so far? What are you most proud of? Our biggest achievement by far is having our own office. We established Bitte from a very humble start. It was just the two of us, working mobile without having a permanent place. Currently, we are working in a creative compound called The Lapan Office alongside with our friends from different design fields, SOSJ, Antikode, and Monstore. We collaborate in many projects and developed a good design community that keeps supporting each other. 

What are some of the most important aspects in creating and executing a great design? One of the most important aspects for us is to be open-minded. We need to understand the needs of good design, not just following our designer ego. A great design is a design that can solve problems, not creating more problems.

Where do you see Bitte Design Studios in 10 years? In 10 years, we want Bitte Design Studio to be one of the leading design firms in Indonesia. We always want to contribute something for this country, especially to have a project that can be impactful for the society.

What are some of the goals of Bitte Design Studio for the future? What are some of the upcoming projects you could share with us? Our goal is to create a good working environment for the people working with us, so we can always produce good designs. We also want to set up our own showroom that can showcase our own Bitte products.

We are currently working on our own products and planning to launch the collection soon. We have been developing our own light fixtures for a couple of years. Working in commercial design always forces us to look for decorative elements. On the other hand, we always find a hard time in looking for some good decorative lighting products. This leads us to develop our own Bitte Product.

03 April 2019
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