5 Singers You Should Consider for Your Wedding Party

By: Hellobali |

Wedding celebrations are arduous to plan and manage - because everything needs to be perfect. That includes the entertainment part. Although many have resided on DJ sets or simply a music playlist for an all night long party, but nothing beats having that classic swooning and romantic love songs just for the both of you.

We list five bands that we think you should highly consider for those reasons alone.


Consisted of veterans in South Bali’s live music scene, this band is fueled with their uncomparable versatility - especially when they can just play any requested song, with their own style! The fact that their vocalist, Dee has a thunder for a voice also makes them distinct.


Vaha Band

The seven piece jazz fusion group is the lovechild of renowned jazz keyboardist, Erik Sondhy. For some upbeat tunes for a fun and celebratory party, they’re just the perfect performers for you.


Dunia Ketiga

Only playing with two acoustic guitars and a percussion, this threesome can render any popular songs into some mesmerizing and soothing anthem. Helped with Kacir’s magnificent shrieks, this band would make you feel the love tonight.


Mia Samira Jazz Quintet

For those who dreamt of a genuine dreamy golden age of Hollywood wedding, this jazz quintet will bring your Frank Sinatra olive oil voice and that crooning charm meets the tinseltown romance come true.

Nancy Ponto Soul Band

There's nothing like soul to represent the depth of romance in the happy couple's story. From romantic ones to getting the crowd do the boogie, this band (led by Indonesian Idol alumnae, Nancy Ponto) is best for the job with greatest hits from old time soul maestros.

26 February 2018
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