4 Current Stylish Summer Brands in Legian

By: Hellobali |

By The Sea

Garments of linen and cotton are nicely spread along the walls, making space for retro surf photography only when needed, in one of the staple outlets of Jalan Legian. The seasoned boutique - By The Sea has a strong foothold on the streetscape as Brazilian designer Renato Vianna explains to us, seated in his office at the company’s factor in Canggu. This old hand has been in chargeof the brand’s timeless aesthetic for a good while now, offering elegant calssics to an Australian dominated audience A colourful seleciton of scarves, handbags and shoes makes it possible to scoop up a whole outfit in one visit. When you walk out that door, you will surely channel your inner Jean Paul Belmondo or Sophia Loren – bringing some Mediterranean vintage swag into the Asian hustle and bustle. 

Jl. Raya Seminyak No. 32
T: +62 361 704 584 

BIASA official  

Another landmark and basion of our favourite street is Biasa. As you step inside, a lush breath of aroma hits you and erase any trace of the fact that this establishment has been mixing “extraordinary and simplicity” for an impressive 20 years now. Yes, it is exclusive indeed and the founder Susanna Perini has definitely put her Italian sensibilities to play, but remains true to her second home by incorporating Indonesian artisanal production methods. The clear-cut, understated garments echo Scandinavian minimalism, while the extravagant jewellery lends any outfit a little extra “oomph”.

Jl. Raya Seminyak No. 36
T: +62 361 730 699

Mao Mao

It doesn’t seem like anything has startled Biasa’s firm vision and aim for the skies, but what is happening at street level, are tehre any new kids on the block? Mao Mao did not only open its store on Legian in June 2017, 2 years ago, but it is also happy to keep shelter for the younger crowd. Previously, only available in Ubud, the store is proud of its catering to yogis with unisex natural clothing, perfectly suited for a laidback lifestyle – a sentiment not far from what brought many of us to the island in the first place. And as the owner moves to a new space here in Kuta, so must her style, as she explains: “Before, our collection was dominated by darker hues, whereas now, sparkling yellow and warm terracotta is on the menu. We are making efforts to leave a mark.” 

Jl. Raya Seminyak No. 1

The Closet 

Speaking of making a mark, the humble, up and coming designer Franscesco Alsoi is ready to storm the scene with his Parisian inspired designs on display at The Closet. He is moer than happy to share his bestselling design: a tropical banana leaf shirt, courted to fame by Insta-celeb Reggy Alexander. “Believe it or not, btu if you pair this hsirt with some suede moccasins and a pair of sophisticated jeans, you can pull this look off in the most modern streets of Milan”, he says. It is clear that Kuta is not the end situation for this talented go-getter, so make sure to catch him before he leaves back to his beloved Italy. Lastly, as for beachwear, Francesco is eager to conclude: sexy remains the new black, slim is the way to go and if you are particularly in the mood for some treasure hunting, make sure to head up to Oberoi after finishing up at Legian Street. 

Jl. Raya Seminyak No. 40 

08 March 2019
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