Art Exhibition24 May 2019

A Spark of CAHAYA Collaborative Art Installation 'Lit Up' Senayan City


From May 8th-25th 2019, a fantastic collaboration of art is ready to capture the mind of Senayan City visitors. Entitled CAHAYA, this event presented by Axioo Photography, Infico Indonesia, V2 Indonesia, Yogie Pratama, and Royal Design features several poetic and futuristic installations with a blend of photography, lighting technology, Swarovski crystals, and audiovisual.

Inspired by balance created from the light and darkness, CAHAYA is fully dedicated to being able to be enjoyed by the eyes and heart. This collaboration on photography, technology, and interior design will bring guests on an inspirational interactive journey.

Featuring both nature and universal elements, various installations full of stories with luxurious nuances were presented by Alit Sentosa, founder of Infico, a leading interior design company in Indonesia. CAHAYA La Fleur (picture above) is a contemporary installation concept made from the largest Swarovski Crystal Elements ever made in Indonesia. The La Fleur blue crystal series symbolizes the sky gate, complemented by copper works and a ray of light that presents the words "CAHAYA". According to Alit, light or cahaya is an important element in life and this is stated in his copper work, where there will be no writing without any glow.

Adding the 'cosmical aspect', Alit Sentosa poured his imagination and love for outer space in the installation of Hutan Cahaya (Forest of Lights). This zone is a combination of Fiber Optic technology, which is commonly applied to homes, buildings, and swimming pools. At this installation, visitors will feel the experience of entering the forest on a space planet filled with sparkling lights.

In the world of photography, light has an important role in conveying visual stories. The White Room installation "Listen With Your Eyes" is presented by Axioo Photography as a reminder to be a listener, not only through the ears but also through the eyes. The musical elements and white nuances are presented by Fen Soong, founder of Axioo Photography and the mastermind behind this installation, to help visitors clear their minds and see better.

In the Dark Room installation, Axioo Photography is feeling nostalgic with the concept of photo printing in the era of analog cameras. In this installation, the moment caught on camera becomes a light for visitors. Photos and memories displayed are visual stories and act as a ray of light for those who see them.

‘Light’ elements according to this showcase also represent futuristic technology, as applied in the Silent Disco installation by V2 Indonesia, a pioneer of Smart LED and Audio System technology in Indonesia. At this installation, visitors will get an exciting experience, by listening to music from Nakamichi, Kef, and Nad branded headphones while dancing on the LED Floor Interactive stage.

Not to miss is the work of a leading bridal clothes designer, Yogie Pratama, titled Imaginaire. Inspired by the sparkling world of the 80s, light according to Yogie Pratama is a woman who is able to steal and be the star of attention. The design conceptualized in this gown transforms the wearer into a beaming light for her surroundings. This collection has been worn by one of Indonesia’s brightest starlet, Bunga Citra Lestari, at one of Indonesia’s national television shows.