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Elima Launches New Exclusive Collection

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A true pandemic baby and survivor, local brand Elima have just launched their latest collection, La Vela. Not only that it is a new line from the young label, it also invites all women to feel confident, regardless of their body shape.

Presented by one of Elima’s five founders, Francisca Siregar, where she told us that fashion must be enjoyed and provide comfort for every user. Whatever the shape of a woman’s body, curvy, boyish, or skinny, she will look alluring and chic with Elima’s clothing. “This is the biggest reason for the Real women campaign, Real bodies are embedded in the entire collection in terms of sizes ranging from sizes S to XL and design silhouettes,” she added.

The brand offered silhouettes that puts forward an A-line silhouette, a loose H silhouette, and provides space for its users. While for their swimsuit collection, Elima presents cutting with broken patterns and details that help shape the silhouette of the wearer’s body to be more proportional. “To be comfortable, the boyleg cut was chosen at the groin that covers the entire buttocks and for those who wear a hijab, the burkini silhouette is Elima’s signature item,” Francisca explained. 

Not only that, the selected fabric material was curated to create a sense of comfort, coolness, and follow natural body movements. All fabric materials were sourced locally in Indonesia , while some items came from fabric craftsmen in Bali. From viscose satin, bamboo cotton, to recycled nylon or what is known as vita fabric for Elima’s swimwear. 

As for the name La Vela, Fransisca explained that it was taken from Spanish which means sailing to various holiday destinations that will inspire travelers to wear a holiday collection with Elima. This collection consists of 22 pieces, and covers an abundance variants such as swimsuit, turban, beachwear, and resort wear – with each name taken from global holiday destinations such as, Nihi sarong, Capri dress, Kandara kimono, Kamali burkini, Santorini shirt dress, to Jumeirah turban. 

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