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Dip & Dive; 6 Best Bali Underwater Wonders

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Bali is an ultimate visitor-friendly island; you can explore the mainland area from coast to coast in one whole day and always find something exciting. The offshore also consist of natural gifts, blue water with colorful fishes and coral reefs, hidden caves and remains of sunken ship. Here are the list of Bali’s underwater wonders perfect for a snorkeling or diving session. Time to explore!


  1. Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Penida, Nusa Ceningan

The trio of small island off the Eastern Bali coast is filled with the island’s best diving spots. The channel between Nusa Penida and Nusa Ceningan are famous for the excellent visibility thanks to the crystal clear blue water that contains a huge section of maritime kingdom. Southwest of Nusa Penida, you can find a spot called Crystal Bay where you can see theunique and majestic manta rays. If you prefer for casual snorkeling, Nusa Lembongan is the perfect bits of area. The water is clear with the depth of 4-5 metres, calm as a pool, with tapestry of coral reefs decorating the bottom end.


  1. Candi Dasa , Padang Bai

In Candi Dasa area, Mimpang (Sharkpoint), Tekekong (Canyon and reef) and Biaha (cave) are very nice places for diving. Nearby Biaha is also Pasir Putih (White Sand Beach) which is a nice place for snorkeling. Meanwhile at Padang Bai area, Bias Tugal, Temple, Blue Lagoon and Jepun are nice places for diving. Healthy coral and lots of fish. The currents here can be tricky, so proceed with caution as you enjoy your moment in the cool, crystal-clear seawater.


  1. Menjangan Island
Diver examining a barrel sponge, Menjangan, Bali, Indonesia. Menjangan is protected from the strong currents that sweep between Java and Bali and as a result has clear, warm waters and good reefs – the walls and shallow coral gardens of the island are some of the best in Bali

This is one of the most favorite and highly anticipated snorkeling area. In some spot you didn’t have stray too far from the beach line to find a good shallow spot where many beautiful fishes live among the healthy corals. There are basically 2 parts of the island to do snorkeling. One part contains a lot of fish and another part is the great habitat for corals


  1. Amed & Tulamben

Amed is famous for the Japanese shipwreck and soft coral with incredible variety of fishes. Aside from the Japanese Wreck, Other areas worth exploring includes Jemeluk Bay and Vienna Beach and the area off Bunutan Beach.  Beside Amed, Tulamben also have its own relic of the war era in form of UST Liberty shipwreck located approximately 40-50 meter from the coast at a depth of 5 – 30 meters. You can swim directly to the wreck from the beach tip. Be advised that the area of Amed and Tulamben will have strong current in certain specific time. It might not be really dangerous but it can reduce your visibility to a certain level.


5. Pemuteran

There is one particular site in Pemuteran offshore which has become a widely-known internet urban legend; The Taman Pura / Temple Garden. But contrary to the popular beliefs, it is actually not an archaeological dive sites, but rather an environmental conservation program. Featuring a 4m high traditional Balinese temple as its gateway, filled with beautiful statues of Buddha, Krishna and Ganesha, the underwater site has now been covered by gorgonian plants–a prove of success in their ecosystem preservation project. It will give the visitors a felling of diving into ancient monument which spans from 15m deep (for beginner divers) to 30m.


6. Seraya Secret

A pair of Coleman shrimps on a fire urchin, Seraya, Bali, Indonesia. Coleman shrimps are only found on fire urchins – they live in an obligate symbiosis with their host. The shrimps remove the stinging arms from a patch on the surface of the urchin. Seraya is located on Bali’s NE coast and has become very popular with divers and photographers searching for unusual species. The signature site, ‘Seraya Secrets’ has a barren sand floor with small patches of sponge and other encrusting life, and rocks in the shallows. Bali is a very popular holiday destination for divers and offers a wide variety of different types of diving, from reefs and wrecks to mucks sites such as Puri Jati and Gilimanuk.

Technically still a part of Amed, Seraya Secrets deserves its own entry for the beauty and uniqueness; especially for ‘muck diving’ enthusiast. Amongst Amed’s numerous dive spots, Seraya Secrets stands out as the healhty habitat of rich faunas. It is highly recommended to take a night dive in this site (preferably with a local divemaster!) to discover numerous of amazing marine species which only gets active in the dark. To reach this site, you can ask any Amed divemasters, who will gladly take you to their best-kept public secret.


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