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Dion Wiyoko and Fiona Anthony Paired in Paradise 

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Photographed by: Benny Lim

Wedding is a lifetime celebration many put thoughts, efforts and concerns on the tie-the-knot day. It is not about how big or how plenty the guests are. It is about commemorating love and sharing its meaning with people the couple looks up to. Unexceptionally Indonesian actor Dion Wiyoko who recently married a culinary entrepreneur, Fiona Anthony – both rooted from what’s best Bali has to offer and later modelled a wedding inspiration. 

When the time came for the loving couple to commit for- ever, the one day they wanted to be memorable was encapsulated through thick and thin. Not trying to throw such a perfect wedding some always long for, Dion and Fiona instead involved creativity, simplicity and intimacy in the package. The wedding’s concept was just that: simple and intimate. It might sound organic, but Dion and Fiona didn’t want the theme to contrast their personalities— it was an inner circle only affair. They only wanted family and their closest relatives to attend, to give their blessings and share joy with each other. So it did. 

“We started to have the talk about getting married around mid-2016, but it got more concentrated early on the following year,” Dion explained. The couple began with setting up what kind of wedding they envisioned to have, then moved on to selecting the vendors to assist. With Dion’s business of several film projects, the job to run the show fell on Fiona and the family—which he lauded her perseverance in orchestrating both families in the grand plan. And with their arsenal of trusted vendors, Dion and Fiona practically left the rest to them. A skilled and well experienced wedding organiser is also the key to coordinate and delegate these vendors. 

When asked why they chose Bali, Dion answered, “Bali has always been Fiona’s dream venue for a wedding, while me myself has admired the idea of having an outdoor reception.” Besides, with the rather private concept, having only their closest ones and far from the hectic and bustling setting of a city, Bali just seems to be the perfect spot. Inevitably, having a wedding celebration far from home will come with all its hindrance and trials. Especially in transporting a large amount of guests and vendors to Bali—none of which are based in the island. Dion not only gave credit to his wedding organiser that lived up to their capabilities during this complicated and exhausting process, but also to his guests that are very supportive and making it easier. 

Yet of all the processes they’ve gone through, Dion surprisingly claimed that listing the invitations was the most demanding part of the preparation. “It was incredibly arduous and truly testing my will to endure,” Dion remembers. He compared his lack of accuracy to Fiona’s fastidiousness, with him constantly missing a couple members of his extended family. Not to mention the fact that they had a very limited guest list, making this step even more painstaking. But, Dion didn’t hesitate when proclaiming their reception as his most treasured moment from the whole experience. “Seeing our best friends giving their wishes to us was simply unforgettable. We’re so lucky to have the best of friends anybody could imagine,” Now what’s a moment if not captured flawlessly? One of the integral aspects that set their wedding into an extravagance was the role of the photography team, cooking moments from the appetizer, main course to the dessert. Happened to have a traveling trip with Benny Lim, a wedding photographer who initiated Nomina Pics, Benny and his team then handled on capturing significant scenes from prewedding to the reception.

“To publish real stories on wedding photographs is to know the couple personally. Treat them more than just clients but friends. Understand their characters to build the mood, the chemistry between the photographer and the loving couple. That is the most important thing.” —Benny Lim

Interestingly, Nomina Pics customised the concept of their prewedding, deriving from their personalities and habitual activities. Three particular scenes were concepted carrying this notion. First is the images of Dion taking shot of Fiona representing how much he adores his other half. Followed by the episodes of their affection on the second concept; one simple scene with them both on a bed, playing cheeky with some shaving cream and lots of laugh. Last but not least is the backstage shots which Dion and Fiona were dressed in sort of ball attire, representing the life they both will get involved especially because of Dion’s job as a public figure. Swiping the pictures of their album, we can sense clearly their togetherness in daily life. 

Almost no challenge at all of documenting their split seconds to the wedding day, Benny’s team merely concerned on producing a complete contrastive visual of Dion who has been photographed for countless times publicly. Raising mood with unalike concept was the ultimate key to reach this target, so as to make him framed more standout. And luckily, Dion and Fiona had no specific demands or orders except that Dion suggested few technical editing setting due to his passion to photography. The rest, they truly passed on the team. Likewise on the wedding day, all chosen vendors, decoration and ambience had been put into a place, everything was going so smooth. An intimate reception, it was, where only close relatives and friends attended, enveloping a private nuance, no drama of a typical big fat wedding. 

“Bali has always been Fiona’s dream location for a wedding, while me myself has admired the idea of having an outdoor reception.” —Dion Wiyoko

To the fact that the couple and Nomina had already discussed what to capture during the wedding day surely slackened the work. “Fiona has attention to details, so she expected to have some details on certain points such as on the brides- maids. And prior to the “show”, they had advised specific spots to record including when they kneeled down at the holy matrimony approaching the moment of uttering wedding vow. We, actually, were aware of what to catch and not as we have run for 7 years”, explained Benny. “Similar to lay Bali as the background, we attempted to highlight the atmosphere as much as possible. For a minute at the time, we were a bit worried about the reception venue as the party was held on sunset time meanwhile the venue was not a sunset-backdrop place. Fortunately, our doubt was swept away. Sofitel Nusa Dua turned out to be a perfect wedding venue”, he continued. 

Ideally, organising a wedding reception in Bali should entail nature to a great extent. Benefiting natural light is a must, thus, Benny and his team enhanced the function of outdoor scheme to stretch Bali’s landscape, particularly the beach. Appearing on the couple’s wedding video, a myriad clips revealing the greatness of the island from sunrise to sunset. “The process of assembling the video was very memorable for me. I remember how fun it was to explore the island and be out of nowhere for three days just to seize the desired layout. Those times, I believe, connected my team and the couple even more, gaining more chemistry”, said Benny. This chemistry, later, is considered to be the token of enclosing the entire story of each photo unveiled. Benny stated, “To publish real stories on wedding photo- graphs is to know the couple personally. Treat them more than just clients but friends. Understand their characters to build the mood, the chemistry between the photographer and the loving couple. That is the most important thing.” 

Fastly enough the chemistry has been established, infinite shots would be generated automatically. Furthermore, an image would be seen alive if the photographer could observe attentively. Case in point is when one of Dion’s best friend surprisingly gave a speech and instantly touched him in a way. This kind of moment is something that creates inanimate object being “animate”. Therefore, candid should be the best approach while on the stage of capturing wedding day memories apart from releasing the shutter button as many times as possible not to missing any moments. On the occasion, Benny specifically mentioned Sony Alpha 9 to be his lucky charm as it is a fantastic camera to operate for that purpose. Eventually, what sticks all pieces into a complete form is the cooperation among all parties from the very first to the end. Dion and Fiona notably are indeed a remarkable example to draw this denoted synergy. 



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