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Dance Dance Revolution: Get Into Class and Move It

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On another episode of the interesting things we could do to fill the time during a period where we can’t do large group activities.

I’ve discussed about the safer sports that you can do during the lockdown period. Now that the regulations have loosened a bit, maybe it’s time to get out and start doing the riskier ones. Okay, maybe not right away – and even if you do, always do it with precautions. Although, another post about sports might be a little dull, don’t you think? Why don’t we talk about other activities and where to get them? Let’s talk…dance. 

I’ve listed several dance studios throughout the island that you can come or contact for classes.

Just Dance, Berawa – Open as early as 8am until 8pm, this studio is one of our favorites. They have an extensive selection of classes, and with most of them also available for children – making them a great place for every member of the family. Classes include hip-hop, latin, dancehall, jazz, contemporary, even ballet.

The Canggu Studio, Canggu – A center for many physical classes that also includes workouts such as boxing and bodyfit, the studio housed several interesting lessons. Lyrical contemporary and high heels are two of the quite uncommon, but we’re definitely gonna want to try classical Indian Odissi dance.

Universal Dance, Denpasar – Another studio that prides itself in unique dance classes. The Denpasar spot hosts few popular genres such as hip-hop and K-pop, but they also hold some designated classes that you can try. Heels is quite common on the list, but this place has sensual heels, and they also have afro!

Tokomono, Tuban – Now this is one complete collective space. They literally have everything: muaythai, aikido, yoga, pottery, crochet, candle making, even language courses and a cafe. Meanwhile for their dance classes, you can choose between ballet (for both adults and children), dance fitness, and salsa as well.

Do you have your own favorite place or class that we haven’t mention? Let us know!


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