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Cut-Rate For A Change: Things To Be Considered Before Buying Cheap Holiday Flight Tickets

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The spread of Coronavirus pandemic has changed quite a lot aspect of travelling. Starting from spring, many airlines are forced to ground their flight and slash almost 90 percent of their schedules. The rest of those who are still ‘on-air’ sell their tickets with dirt-cheap price and bargain rate, making this period, ironically, as the best moment to fly, but is it really worth it? Here we listed several consideration for you who consider to pick up the advantage and book a holiday flight.

Normally, the third quartal of the year will be the busiest time for holiday travelling, but it has since been changed after the spread of coronavirus pandemic, as millions of people have to cancel their plan for holiday trip due to restrictions, border closure, or stay at home protocols ensued by the government. As companies scramble worldwide to retool their business models during the global COVID-19 pandemic, one sector has been hit particularly hard: the airline industry. But despite the havoc, the desire to travel still remains and optimists are already looking to get the best deals for future travel once the crisis has passed. For some destinations, travel for the upcoming fall and winter has never been cheaper as airlines attempt to regain the business of the travelers they lost during the spring. Here are 7 reasons you should consider before buying a flight holiday ticket during this time.

1.It IS Cheap

Well, we’ll get it out of the way; cheap flights deal for the fall and winter season are hard to resist, especially to destinations formerly outside of your usual budget. The deals are undoubtedly enticing, especially with some areas of the country forcibly entrenched months-long quarantine. As a gesture of goodwill and way of re-inspiring confidence in booking flights, most major airlines in the US and some abroad are waiving change fees for new bookings. Passengers will still have to pay fare differences but it gives some leeway and degree of flexibility should the need to change a trip after booking arises.

2. Prepare to Lose Your Money (No Refund)

Unfortunately, this sudden pandemic also blurred the lines on which airlines to trust and showed which ones were prompt with refunds and which ones surprisingly weren’t. Before pandemic, large, full-service airlines were typically considered to be safer especially as the years prior saw the collapse of numerous low-cost and regional carriers. The current unexpected situation, however, has revealed financially secure airlines aren’t immune to cash flow issues leading them to be stingy when passengers rightfully request their money back following a flight cancellation.

3. Find the Perfect Timing (To Buy)

There are lots of wild flight deals flying around right now, and these kind of opportunities will not go away anytime soon. Find a perfect timing to book your ticket, especially when you find a bargain price for carrier with waived change fees. Take your time to research and compare the price of the ticket. It’s not a lost opportunity even if you decide to skip buying for now. No rush!

4. Experience Cleanliest Flight Ever

As airlines introduce new rigorous cleaning techniques, the aircraft themselves will be cleaner than ever during your travel. Air travel is commonly associated with the spread of a disease during a pandemic as an asymptomatic traveler can board a plane to a destination on the other side of the world and unknowingly infect others. Post COVID-19, all business are obliged to follow the safety protocol to ensure their guest / customers safety; especially in airlines. Physical cleaning procedures changed and new, extraordinary methods were introduced including “fogging,” where electrically charged disinfectants are sprayed throughout the cabin to kill any lingering pathogens.

5. Be Wary for the Change of Rules

With future demand still uncertain, airlines are canceling flights on daily basis. What is on the schedule for future months may change if demand doesn’t return in the way that airlines hope it will. If a flight doesn’t fill up, there’s nothing stopping the airline from canceling it altogether, so be very aware for the change of rules! A smaller subset of airlines allowing free changes is allowing free cancellations for new bookings, offering a greater degree of flexibility when it comes to future travel. If the pandemic worsens or travel plans change, flyers can get the cost of their booking placed in a travel credit or voucher to be used within a set period of time. Make sure to thoroughly check on the whole deal!

6. Double the Research

The term ‘travel restriction’ is so commonly done nowadays due to the pandemic situation. Even if your country doesn’t restrict your movement, your arrival destination might, so it is wise to double check on the current situation of your holiday destination. Even if you manages to travel, some of the landmarks and location of your holiday spot could still be closed until unforeseeable notice, so you have to plan more intricate details on your bucket list instead of only determining the itinerary of your trip beforehand.

7. The Future is Still Uncertain

Although we are closing to the ‘post-pandemic’ era of COVID-19, the virus is still spreading on this moment and the potent vaccine has not been discovered yet (at least officially), so there are still a lot of uncertainty to be considered for your next travel plan. But again lets not lose our optimism and look forward for a better (and cleaner) days on the horizon ahead. See you in Bali soon!


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