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Cuca’s Kevin Cherkas Represents Indonesia In World Gastronomic Festival

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Cuca Restaurant and its acclaimed Executive Chef Kevin Cherkas will soon represents Indonesia at the world’s leading gastronomic festival, Gastronomika 2019, in San Sebastian, Spain.

Nestled amidst a coconut grove in seaside Jimbaran, Cuca’s “think outside the box” signature concept is Tapas, Cocktails and Desserts, house-made with intense taste focus, western cooking techniques and 100 per cent finest quality, natural products sourced from across Indonesia – maximizing freshness and supporting local artisans and farmers. Now, they are set to represent Indonesia in international stage through participation at Gastronomika 2019 festival.

“Cuca is honored to be speaking at Gastronomika 2019, an exciting challenge and a lifetime dream,” declares Kevin. “We aim to present the audience with something that will blow their mind, a taste of Indonesia that will put this country on the world culinary map -.”

Gastronomika is dominated by the culinary rock stars and legends of Spain. Each of their 30-minute presentations must capture the soul of the 1,500 people who sit eagerly listening for life-changing ideas, techniques, ingredients and the dishes that will set the trends for the year and spark the direction for the future. With a fixed panel of 3 Michelin-starred Spanish chef-superheroes such as Juan Mari Arzak, Dani García, Joan Roca, Martín Beresategui and Eneko Atxa, other speakers are selected by invitation only, and Kevin Cherkas is one of those very few.

At Cuca, Chef Kevin hand-picks the finest, freshest local ingredients that Indonesia produces, finds out how these are traditionally used to understand their potential, then takes them to new levels by fearlessly applying western techniques acquired through his impressive culinary journey – all tying-in with Gastronomika’s global flavors theme.

On Gastronomika, Kevin Cherkas is scheduled to appear as Guest Presenter on October 8th, showcasing his ‘Animated Ingredients’ presentation; which will focus on how Cuca reinvents humble ingredients as spellbinding dishes, rewriting the rule book of over-the-top fine dining experiences and challenging guests to redefine their expectations of what cutting edge dining can be. He will put all of his effort in representing Indonesia’s abundance of fantastic local produce and spices that has been the backbone of his beloved Cuca Restaurant.

“Indonesia’s abundance of fantastic, home-grown produce is truly amazing, the inspiration to create delicious new dishes “ enthuses Kevin. “Cooking through some of the world’s best kitchens only took me so far; it was taking a fresh look at local market products and giving them new life that made me the chef I am today. Let’s talk about
really discovering ingredients, understanding them and using them in new, innovative ways.”


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