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Cozy Comfort Goodness

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Strategically located on a vibrant shopping district, The Bare Bottle is a cozy eatery serving delightful comfort food and quality coffee amidst the beating heart of Kuta area.

Nestled among boutique, stores and fast food establishment, The Bare Bottle Kuta stands out as a convenient spot to dine, chill and relax with serene atmosphere. There’s a small fashion outlet on the  cafe’s second floor, MINARNO, which provides selections of original male clothes and footwear. You can opt to sit and dine at the side of open bar on the first floor, or on a chic corner of the second floor, right after the fashion outlet. Relax and enjoy the bustling Kuta scenery beyond the cafe’s huge glass panel while conveniently sitting on one of its instagrammable swing-seats.

Salmon Lodeh

The menu of The Bare Bottle consist a fine selections of all-day dining goodness; some of which brilliantly mix European influence with Indonesian indigenous elements. For a starter, you can order Wild; a delightful portion of fresh appetizer consisting apple, carrot, capsicum, radish, cherry tomato, soft tofu and sour-meets-sweet balsamic dressing. For the main menu, one of the most recommended menu on the list is Coffee Chick; which as the name implies, is made from tender chicken breast marinated in coffee powder, served along with creamy mushroom sauce, simple salad and sweet potato on side. Remember the Western-Indonesian we mentioned earlier? You can try it in form of Salmon Lodeh; a brilliantly unique combination of delicious grilled salmon fish steak with ‘lodeh’-Indonesian coconut milk-based vegetable soup which contains healthy mix of tofu, eggplants, long bean and cabbage. If you opted for a more tantalizing brunch menu, TBB Supreme Breakfast can be a perfect choice. Enormous ‘everything double’ treat which consist of poached eggs on top of tasty sourdough bread, crispy bacon strips, grilled tomatoes, simple salad, sausages and grilled mushroom.

Not only serving delightful dishes, The Bare Bottle also known for its quality coffee, made from their own ‘bareblends’ specialty house blend. To accompany your pleasant meal, you can order one of their signature caffeine fix, Cocopresso; a glass of refreshing drink made from a combination of top-grade espresso and coconut milk, served on-the-rock. The restaurant also embrace the environmental awareness by not providing tissue and plastic straws, as well as launching special smoothie drink selections in collaboration with a local environmental organization. 50% profit from the sale of the smoothie will be given to the said organization to help them in spreading the ecological awareness and preservation.

The Bare Bottle Kuta

Jl. Raya Kuta No.D 28, Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80237

P: +62 361 475 6643




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