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Cocktail Wars

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Who says that Nusa Dua is only for family and the Bukit region is only for surfers? The beaches are calmer and the sunset here are more breathtaking. The cocktails? Let’s just say, they don’t play safe by mixing the serenity of the south with calming tipples. Here are our top five

Chili Maryrita at Sundara at Four Seasons Resort Jimbaran Bay 

As the name implies, this one brings the heat in you – and even if it sounds like it’s a play on margarita, it’s actually not. It’s closer to tequila sunrise, with a tequila base with syrup and juice in it – although served on a short glass. It has a mix of passion fruit goodness (syrup and juice) which makes it tropical, but it’s the rosemary droplets and the togarashi on the rim (which are also sprinkled a little on the surface) that gives this drink a proper punch. 

The Last Cocktail at The Laguna, A Luxury Collection Resort & Spa 

A part (or shall we say, the last part) of The Cocktail Collection – a mixology movement by The Luxury Collection, where they create a compilation list of 38 inventive libations inspired by destinations all over the world. Literally the very last drink they invented for the list, The Last Cocktail embodies the taste and essence of Italy, where the brand boasts fascinating resorts. Spicy and aromatic, this cocktail combines hints of dusted clove, Italian juniper berries and Prosecco to provide a palate-pleasing voyage to the Tuscan countryside. 

Bulgari Cocktail at Bulgari Resort Bali 

Fruity is the keyword as well as the key tones – since this cocktail incorporates three different fruit juices in their mix. The refreshing lime, the sweet pineapple and the rejuvenating orange (plus a strawberry garnish), this one makes for a perfect drink. Add to that the powerful combo of gin and Campari; you really can’t miss this one while spending that golden hour at the most astonishing cliff-side bars in the neighbourhood. 

G&T Sphere at The Mulia, Mulia Resort & Villas

Fans of a classic gin and tonic should rejoice at the presence of this new permutation, created by the mixology team of The Mulia. It’s sweeter, more refreshing and seriously spot on for an afternoon at The Mulia’s sunset weekend party, Upbeat Sky. Not only keeping it real with the basic concoction, they also mix it by a light muddling method and furthermore elevating the flavour with the addition of fresh Kaffir leaf, berries and lemon. 

Jaen at Conrad Bali 

Don’t be fooled by its swift short name, this cocktail is probably the most complex in this list. It has more than ten ingredients – from Pernod, Grand Marnier, Sambuca, to cranberry and orange juice, as well as mint leaves and tamarind foam. The method involves a longer checklist: burning the Pernod in the glass, muddling some solid ingredients before pouring in the liquids and shaking it well, then filtering it on the already aromatic glass. 



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