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Clash and Splash At Folk

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With dozens of cafés, temples, markets, shops, spas, galleries, clubs, and an actual forest,
You could argue that there is little that the saturated heart of Ubud is missing. Or is there….?

The team behind Folk Café managed to think of at least one more thing and opened a public pool right at Jalan Monkey forest just over a month ago. Following the ‘clash of cultures’ – theme of the café, the 25 meters long outdoors swimming pool wishes to be an inclusive leisure spot, where tourists and locals can, indeed, ‘clash and splash’.


The design of the site whimsically mirrors this mix-and-match philosophy. From rusty tin roofs used for the fence to rough wood as part of the sitting area’s artisanal ceiling: preference was given to reused materials, all originating from the surrounding Gianyar-area. This playful nod to the charmingly haphazard repairs to building one can spot in the neighborhood, is being countered by more up-scale urban, Pinterest-worthy interior elements. Private daybeds? Check. Caribbean-inspired teepees? Present. The ever-so popular flamingo floatie? Yes, there is all of its glory. Table-tops are placed in the water for those who have a hard time deciding between snacking and swimming, and if your freshly-ordered Margarita-pizza lacks some seasoning, just walk over to the communal garden to get yourself some home-grown basil. Homey, comfortable and fun: say hello to our new favorite U-town hang-out!

There’s more, though: the pool’s weekly line-up provides themed events and offers targeted promotional discounts. If you’re a woman and likes your fellow visitors to be that too, make sure to come on Wednesday (free access for ladies) and if you’re a dad who’d like to fulfill his parental duties by spending some quality time with his kid: Saturday is your day (discount on the daybeds). On top of that, a selected DJ will make the pool water vibrate on Sundays and movie-screenings (yay!) are planned to take place in the fall. Soaking in the cinema: we can hardly wait! The pool is open from 10am to 9PM daily and is the perfect way to start, end or take a break from, a day of Ubud’s cultural hustle and bustle.

Folk Café, Pool & Gardens
Jalan Monkey Forest, Ubud
T: +62 3619080 888


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