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Cascade Outpour : 9 Of Bali’s Best Waterfall Destination

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There is a lot of beautiful natural scenery you can choose for sightseeing in Bali, and you have to know that it’s not all in form of pristine white sand beaches and picturesque blue water ocean. With its amazing tropical landscapes, the island is also home to some of the most serene waterfalls. Big and small, they are all beautiful and unique in their own way, each offering tranquility and refreshment. To visit them is totally optional, but you can at the very least include one of them on your list of to-go places during your holiday in Bali. Here we help you listed some of the best waterfalls on the island.


  1. Aling Aling

Playground for (local) kids and highly recommended to trekking lovers, Aling Aling Waterfall is located in Sambangan village, which is a pioneer of environment protection and has the motto of “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle”. It scales approximately 35 meters in height and it’s the highest of the 7 waterfalls (!) you can visit in this area. Aling Aling’s pool water is as clear as crystal, refreshing and offers a great opportunity to cool down a little during those sticky days, as it has the most waterfall pools around. The fresh crystal clear water from the mountains and surrounding green sceneries will make you feel as if you’re blending effortlessly to the nature.



  1. Gitgit

Situated on Singaraja regency, Gitgit waterfalls have been considered as one of the most beautiful tourist destination in the island. It is actually a group of waterfalls in different height and shapes. The most reckoned one in Gitgit is the twin waterfall, two adjoining falls that form small pond of crystal clear water, very refreshing to see, with green trees surrounding the area add to the already serene atmosphere.


  1. Kanto Lampo

Located at Beng village at Gianyar sub-district, only 12 kilometres away from Ubud Palace, Kanto Lampo is the most recent nature wonders found in an area not far from the city of Denpasar.  The flat stones had been there for many years but only after the big prayer last year that the water starts to fall here.  If you had to go through a long road out of nowhere to get to the waterfalls in Buleleng, this one is located just behind the town of Gianyar. The name Kanto Lampo is taken from the local name of the trees that grow a round orange fruit around the area.


  1. Tegenungan

This is the closest one from the rural city of Denpasar and also the only one that is not located on the mountain area. You can visit this waterfall by going to Tegenungan Kemenuh village in Gianyar district, around 16 km from Denpasar. It is a rather short waterfall in term of height (around 4 feet tall) but the water is very clean and refreshing for swimming around.


  1. Banyumala

Located in Wanagiri village, northern Bali, Banyumala is a twin waterfall in the midst of pristine jungle offering rugged natural beauty and distinctive atmosphere for a perfect tranquil getaway. To reach Banyumala waterfall is not a really easy feat, but don’t let that discourage you at all. The sight of twin waterfalls flowing freely between steep cascading rocks, forming a pool of pond below is more than enough to keep you there for a rejuvenating while. Lush green leaves grows freely covering majority of the rock crevice creating a unique sight as if the water flows through a giant tree.


  1. Munduk

Lies on the altitude of about 800 meters above sea level, Munduk village offers refreshing bliss such as clean mountain air. There are a few waterfalls which you can enjoy to its fullest as the place offers serenity rarely found on other places of interest in the island here and if you want to do further exercise, you can easily walk up the hill side from this waterfall and get down on the other side of the hilly village and walk through the higher one. The walk takes quite a bit of energy, but will offer you a great view of northern Bali coastal line.


  1. Sekumpul

Away from civilization and into unspoiled area, Sekumpul waterfall is a perfect place to find solace and tranquility away from the crowd of the city.  A couple of years ago, this hidden gems of Bali’s nature were still an insider’s tip but due to the unique and fantastic location they have become more and more attractive over the last couple of years. Surrounded by lush green rainforest that has an amazing fauna and flora plus fresh water pools for swimming, Sekumpul is a must visit place for nature enthusiast and avid travelers alike.


  1. Apuan

Apuan waterfall, for example, it is actually a series of waterfalls called Tibumana and Pengibul located near the village of Apuan. The local reckon them as ‘Apuan waterfall’ and will give you direction based on that name. The view of this waterfall is just as taken straight from an award-winning nature portrait or painting, and you can dip yourself in the clear water to freshen up your body and mind after a long exhausting walk.


  1. Dusun Kuning

Situated in the tranquility of Bangli Regency with 25 meters high and the water flows through the river, Dusun Kuning Waterfall is one of hidden nature heritages in Bali. This waterfall is blessed with fine tranquility atmosphere with 25 meters height of water flowing through the river. The water is clean and fresh completed by the peaceful view could refill your energy while enjoying this beauty of uncharted nature.


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