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Benefits of Coworking

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Not all digital nomads work from coworking spaces, and not all those spaces are created equal. So the guys at Dojo Bali asks around the digital nomad community within their coworking space, what are the biggest benefits they get from coworking.

While technology allows for this modern lifestyle, it also comes with a price: loneliness is becoming a major problem in the world. A great coworking space creates an environment in which you can fast track friendships and relationships with actual human beings. The strength of the community will ultimately tell you all you need to know about the environment you are entering. There are many different personalities—some will clash, and others will gravitate towards each other, but a great community is formed out of respect and facilitates a space which accommodates all.

Knowledge Sharing
People actually want you to win. They’ll direct you towards the light and cheer you on all the way. Your ambitions may be crushed and you may give up easily somewhere else – but here nobody will question them. A great coworking space is full of successful people doing all sorts of crazy things and have overcome all sorts of adversity to get there. Most are more than happy to share industry secrets that would take you years to find out anywhere else. All you have to do is ask. On top of that, most coworking spaces have endless schedules of events and skill shares to advance your development.

Networking & Opportunities
Where else in the world can you drink beers and pick the brains of those running hugely successful companies any day of the week? Formalities are removed, and therefore, everybody is equal. If you have a skill and you’re looking for employment, you will have limitless opportunities to showcase that skill and pick up work from placing yourself in the environment and sticking your neck out a little.

Creativity and Inspiration
There are times when you don’t know what you’re doing and question every decision you’ve made to get to this point. And creativity isn’t taught in schools but it’s essential in the modern era, especially when embarking on a nomadic lifestyle. That’s why in a coworking space you’ll converse with your fellow co-workers and soon remember the reason you did this while being inspired to soldier on. You might just be inspired and be motivated to raise your own game and fly over whatever hurdle you have in your way.

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