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Beaching Questlove

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The three sisters of Bali’s tiny islands have their own charms. But mostly, it’s the robust and hard to reach beaches that allures us. I tried beachhopping on the two smaller islands, Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan to discover the best of these peninsula.

Let’s be frank here – I have never set foot on either of these islands before in my life. Yes, I know, I’m missing a lot. But that’s what makes it more interesting. I get to experience everything for the first time, and will have big expectations ahead of me – starting from landing on Jungut Batu Beach. It was different from any other beaches in Bali that I’ve been to, but all seem familiar. Maybe the buildings on the cliffs that are not far above the sea level. Scaterred, unorganized, but gives character to this port.

Next I follow the guidelines given to me by a friend: rent a scooter. She said it’s recommended since the path I’m going to go through will be quite challenging and some are pretty narrow. Now based on the lists of beaches that my friend have given me, my first stop should be the hardest, which is Secret Beach. This is where my scooter come in handy, because the beach is located on the smallest sister, Nusa Ceningan – which in case any of you didn’t know, to cross between these two islands, we must pass over a thin yellow bridge (some calls it the Yellow Bridge, for obvious reasons), which only fits a couple of motorcycles in width.

And the reason why this first beach is called Secret Beach is because to go there needs a lot of endurance and patience. The road gets smaller and eventually gone completely – you’re basically just trying not to lose your balance driving on a rocky road. But when you find it, all those mishaps will go away immediately. Calm, serene and nobody as far as your eyes can see – I practically have the beach all to myself. Because of its position that’s hidden inside a tiny gulf, the waves crashed a little far from the beach, making the waters very safe for a dip – not to mention making it very quiet. I can just lay down here all day.

But I don’t have all day. Time to go to the second beach, situated not far from Secret Beach. This one’s called Blue Lagoon, and it has everything opposing the first stop. Tall and sharp rocks protruding outside from the waters through the surface, rough and strong waves crashing hard. It’s definitely not safe waters for a swim. But what a view, man. The pitch black rock formation combined with the clear blue water makes this a mouthwatering object for pictures. Plus there’s a sweet spot with safer waters for cliff jumping not far from here. Since I came alone, I didn’t have anybody to look after my things if I jumped. Maybe next time. Should be next time.

“The pitch black rock formation combined with the clear blue water makes this a mouthwatering object for pictures. Plus there’s a sweet spot with safer waters for cliff jumping not far from her”

It’s already in the afternoon when I crossed the Yellow Bridge back to Nusa Lembongan. My next stop is The Devil’s Tear. It’s not a beach, and definitely not for cliff jumping. It’s situated inside a tiny nook, but with hard currents hitting. The constant gigantic splashes that it makes gives the namesake, and it sure was interesting to observe and document. Now it’s time for me to reach my final destination, the solemn and somber Dream Beach. It’s the easiest so far, so no wonder I shared this beach with many people. The beach is adjacent to a cool looking place called Sandy Beach Club. Just one beer for the road, for the dusking sun, for the limitless ocean in front of me – and I promise to come back again.


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