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Beach Side Story: Hotel Indigo Bali Seminyak

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Hotel Indigo have only opened its doors for not so long ago – but so far, the reviews have been captivating. Me, on the other hand, have only seen it through the pictures – of which, surely looks snazzy. So, in the name of research, I decided to experience it myself. 

The lobby (which they called aptly, Neighbourhood Gallery) greets me with its gorgeously artistic décor. Blanketed inside the criss-crossing wooden pattern on the walls and ceilings, lovely traditional-styled hanging lamps, unique lounge furniture that somehow felt more different than similar from one another and a tree protruding out of the lobby’s floor. The story behind this design is the wooden covers represents the weaving pattern of a songket cloth, the solid brass lamps took its idea from the ferrule part of a Balinese umbrella while the cagey ones were inspired from traditional fish traps. Lastly the chairs that came in various shapes and colours as well as the tree is their way to interpret a traditional Balinese gathering in a banjar, where the townsfolk would come bringing their own chairs from home, and sit together under the shade of a tree. And that’s just from the lobby alone! 

It’s the stories that got me instantly – stories behind their outlet names, behind the designs, behind their vendors, even behind the reason of the existence of the resort itself. That latter part was what probably became the catalyst of this extravagant resort. The brand have established themselves as a renowned chain of boutique hotel all over the world – but they’re all city hotels. Yes, Hotel Indigo Bali is their first ever hotel with a resort location. Meanwhile the other stories are actually something that has been the main core of Hotel Indigo’s source of inspiration and design aesthetics. It always have to embrace their surroundings and illustrated through their elements – this makes visiting different Hotel Indigos would give you different experiences. 

And being the first five-star resort under the group, Hotel Indigo Bali don’t hold back – not one bit. Once fully functional, they will boast a whopping 270 rooms, with 247 are rooms classified into five types and 23 of them being the upcoming exclusive suites – all spread on three wings named after Sanskrit words. 19 lux private villas (applying the Balinese Tri Hita Karana philosophy in their architecture) on the east end of the 4.7 hectare complex is also already on their finishing touches, making this resort as the only one that provides both rooms and villas in this neighbourhood. Then comes the extensive (or should I say ‘totally and ambitiously dedicated’?) F&B outlets. I say extensive, because the resort is home to six bars, restaurants and cafes (two of which will be ready soon) which caters six different dining situations! Let’s not forget that all translates their local influences into their menu – from brewing Seminyak blend coffee, serving the best of Balinese ingredients, to making their own infused araks. 

Makase is their signature casual dining, serves delicious local inspired menu. Tree Bar is located outside Makase, and makes quirky cocktails that are also inspired by local flavours and ingredients. And where does the top of that tree go – growing and vanishing through the ceiling? If you think it’s the same tree that made the centrepiece at Neighbourhood Gallery, then you are right – talk about a smart design. Adjacent to both these outlets is Pottery Café, a coffee shop committed in roasting and brewing the best coffee blends. And yes, they have their own coffee bean roaster right in the middle of this chic coffee shop, giving the air a remarkable mixture of the roasted beans, the freshly brewed cups and just out of the oven pastries. Cave Pool Lounge is a pool bar (without the tacky overused half-drowned feature) for you wanting to enhance your pool side experience with more than just drinks – because they also serve snacks and ice cream for a hot sunny day. The last two, which will be open in a couple of months is Salon Bali, a specialty dining for a more curated fine dining, and Sugar Sand, Hotel Indigo Balis’s very own beach club that everybody is kind of excited to look forward to. 

My goodness, look at me babbling about all the glorious features inside Hotel Indigo Bali, nearly forgetting about their most important (and my favourite) service, which is embracing the elements of their location, and then the resort gives back to said surroundings. I don’t think I’ve stayed in any hotel that openly celebrates their relationship with other outlets within their property’s close proximity – let alone collaborated in promotions. It’s these kinds of harmonious efforts and all the lovely efforts I mentioned earlier that makes me fell deeper for this place. I love staying in a lavish resort (well, who doesn’t?), but a place which have heart-warming or interesting stories to share goes a long way. 


Hotel Indigo Bali Seminyak Beach
Jalan Camplung Tanduk No.10, Seminyak
T: +62 361 209 9999 



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