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All-Day Indonesian Archipelago Feast

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As part of Artotel Sanur—Bali, Lidah Lokal is a vibrant culinary center serving wide arrays of Indonesian dishes with authentic flavor and presentation all day long.

Combining Artotel brand’s elevated sense of art with immersive archipelago dining experience; Lidah Lokal is a definite destination for food enthusiasts seeking for authentic Indonesian taste amidst Sanur’s tranquil ambience. Come any time of the day as they opens to serve local indulgence 24/7, and being the first non-fast food restaurant in the area to do so.

The interior of Lidah Lokal boasts a pleasant mix of contemporary design; dominated by wooden materials with verdant ‘garden’ of green leaves as an organic canopy to shades you away from Bali’s  tropical sun. To enhance the guest’s dining experience, Lidah Lokal —literally translated to ‘local tongue’, also provides lines of quality entertainment such as live music along with a culinary environment that embraces the beauty of art and design.

Sop Buntut

Lidah Lokal menu fuses Indonesian authentic food with traditional style of cooking. Start your feast with some of their appetizing specialties; such as “Rendang Bitterballen”; crunchy ball of deep-fried dough filled with juicy ‘rendang’ style minced beef, with tasty curry dip on side; or Batagor; a form of light bites hailing from Bandung, West Java, which names stands as acronym for ‘Bakso Tahu Digoreng’ (fried meatballs and tofu), served along exceptionally tasty peanut sauce on top. Then immediately indulge yourself with some of Lidah Lokal’s assorted grilled Satay (skewered meat) with various selection of sauce from different region in Indonesia such as Sate Ayam Saos Kacang and Sate Sapi Saos Padang.  Soup lovers should not miss Lidah Lokal’s Sop Buntut (Oxtail Soup), which combines spices, fresh vegetables and tender, fall-off-the-bone oxtail meat into one satisfying bowl of soup. The restaurant also serves grilled goodness in form of ‘Iga Bakar’; which consists of (another) fall-off-the-bone grilled beef ribs served along a portion of fresh sweet-and-sour vegetables. All these menus above are best savored with a plate of warm rice and can be garnished with numbers of ‘sambal’ chili sauce.

Finally, wrap up your indigenous culinary journey with some of Lidah Lokal’s finest dessert; such as ‘Es Pisang Ijo’; the restaurant’s brilliant rendition of Makassar’s traditional ice-cold treat made from slices of banana wrapped in pandan soft pancake dough, iced milky syrup and coconut milk-based porridge; creating a wonderfully pleasant flavor of sweet, creamy, refreshing goodness in your palate.

With arrays of meticulous Indonesian dishes and vibrant ambience 24/7, Lidah Lokal is a definite place to visit with your family or loved ones. Stop by anytime you’re in Sanur to experience the local tongue-induced goodness rarely found around the area. It’s time to Eatin’ Da LIDAH LOKAL!

Artotel Sanur—Bali

Jl. Kusuma Sari No.1, Sanur, Kec. Denpasar Sel., Kota Denpasar, Bali 80227

T: +62 857 3934 4965


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