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about us

Hellobali was founded in 1998 as a briefing on Bali local affairs, business, culture, travel and tourism, design, fashion and more. In this capacity, we believe that our global-mind audiences crave for phenomenal experiences and intriguing insights of Bali and over the island national borders.

At this stage, we attempt to feature behind the scenes of what happen and matter in Bali, from new business ventures from countries all over the world penetrating Bali, to the people benchmarking quality in any kind of industries.
Our readers have proved us right. Hellobali’s Bi-Monthly 6 issues a year are dense, bookish and collectable.
Hellobali is the most popular visitor’s magazine at the beautiful island of Bali; bright, bold and bursting with information and entertainment. It gives readers healthy portions of what best the island has to offer; exploring Bali, wining and dining, shopping, arts, and culture, lifestyle, adventure, environmental and social issues, events, and profiles of Bali’s most interesting inhabitants, all written in a vibrant and enlightening eloquence.

Put together monthly by a team of experienced and respected writers, columnist and editors, Hellobali is the magazine for visitors, expatriates and locals alike; making it be the ultimate source of information on everything and anything in this Island of God.

sarah nathan

Hellobali is the brainchild of aspiring entrepreneur, Sarah Nathan. At 24 years of age without any professional experience, Sarah convinced a private funding to invest her into acquiring Hellobali.
For the last 3 years, her life’s biggest achievement and failure both are deeply rooted within Hellobali itself.
Sarah’s goal for Hellobali is to inspire Native Indonesians and tourists of Bali to travel more thoughtfully and try unique experiences while promoting local cultures and economy.
For her first year, she personally faced more than 200 rejections, door after door shut on her for her first business due to her lack of experience & skills and not know a single person in the industry. She felt like she failed her family and team down with no revenue or partnerships to show for. She just wanted to quit and that one year was the biggest failure of her life. 

She decided to give it another 6 months and got her working from ground up. Since that day onwards she has partnered with more than 48 premium brands and never looked back. Today with only a small quality team of people we are profitable and 200X bigger than what she acquired, and these last 2 years have been the testament to her success, accolades and achievements.


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