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A Zestful Radiance

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Active, charming and attractive, Shanty Paredes is known as a woman of many talents. Starting her career as dancer, she gains national attention during her time as MTV VJ, before establishing career as a prominent female singer. Nowadays, she slightly shifted her focus to social-media as a beauty, fashion and health vlogger; sharing practical how-to to her worldwide fans; from casual wear to fitness guideline. Hellobali got an exclusive chance to casually chat with the energetic dame in-between her jam-packed schedule. Here are some stories, handy tips and advice we managed to extract from her exuberant mind. 

If you have to choose between singing and dancing, which one would it be?

There will never come a time when I would have to choose one of them. Because I can combine them and come up with something better. 

How would you define your fashion style? What would your daily attire looks like?

At the moment, I wear active/fitness combination on a daily basis. I go to the gym every day, and change into active wear afterward. I love the fact that active wear nowadays is so fashionable and comfy. I’d name it casual with a twist of funky and edgy. 

Speaking about appearance, how do you maintain your fitness during hectic day? Do you control what you eat?

I pay a lot attention to my fitness. I take a class at the gym every day except weekend. I mix cardio, weight train and also body weight train. Even though I only do one exercise a day, I’d give it my all for a focused, mindful exercising and restrain myself from chatting or smartphone during gym session. Yes I eat healthily as well; not all the time though, but mostly. My breakfast usually only consist a handful of berries, or one banana, warm water with lemon and a glass of veggie juice. Then for lunch, I eat carbohydrate plus salad. I prefer salad and fish for dinner. On my lazy day, I’d happily go for ramen or fried chicken, but I don’t eat white rice anymore. 

Name us one of your most favourite stores to shop for make up; what brand that you currently use?

For make-up, I usually shop at Charlotte Tilbury or Nars; and I use Dr Barbara Sturm’s product for skincare. 

What social-media project that you are currently working on? Elaborate a bit for our readers! 

I’m doing Fashion Vlog that i post every Tuesday. People always ask me what I wear and interested in my style, so i decided to Vlog it on Instagram. I don’t really do YouTube. In my vlog, I’ll also talk about my fitness tips, diet tips, and of course my dancing routine. I have 2 ongoing vlogs right now focusing on dancing, you can find it in Instagram with hashtag #DanceSeriesWithShanty and #ShantyFashionVlog 

I treasure family time so much. It’s the source of my happiness.

What is the last thing that makes you cry?

Missing my parents in heaven, especially my mom. She is very special. 

What is a ‘perfect day’ according to you? 

Out there in the nature, bare footed, with ocean breeze or mountain breeze touching my face, playing with my kids, chasing them around with my husband. I treasure family time so much. It’s the source of my happiness. 

What advice would you give to your younger self? 

Stay away from the bad boys! Leave them on the poster on your wall only! Put self-respect and self- love as your number one, always! One more thing: no need to get justification from others. You do you! 



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