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A Heartfelt Journey to East Bali

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Bali is blessed with captivating culture and stunning sceneries in all directions. The island’s Eastern side is well known for its pristine dive spots filled with underwater wonders, remnants of the past decorating the landscapes, as well as natural vistas of green pasteur meets blue ocean with mountain and sunset beyond the horizon.

There are so much more Bali has to offer rather than those bustling party spots on the island’s crowded Southern side. On my last journey, I decided to explore the Eastern side of Bali expecting to find tranquility and serenity in this trip, a retreat away from daily activities which consume a large amount of time and energy.

Quaint Vibe Of Medewi Beach And Its Black Volcanic Sands

My first stop of the trip was Jembrana; a vast regency covering most of east Bali that stretches from the northern part. One of the most notable spots here is Medewi, a remote beach suitable for surfing. The wave is not that challenging, even newbie wave riders like me can test my skills here. The beach on eastern Bali part is unique; mainly composed of black volcanic sand, soft in texture and glittering under the sunlight.

Colorful Fishing Boats Beside Perancak Temple

After burrowing my feet in the soft sand and inhaling the fresh sea breeze, I went to Pura Perancak, a temple located beside a riverside formed by the intersection of salt and plain water. Lots of colorful traditional fishing boats are parked near this area, creating a pleasant sight which immediately reminded me of Balinese glorious ancient era.

Scenic Road Leading To Karangasem

After a fun and insightful joyride at Jembrana, Karangasem becomes my next destination. Along the road I was treated to the eye-catching natural beauty of mountain-meet-beach on each side. Karangasem is widely known for its world-class diving spot at Amed. There are two popular sites at Amed called Jemeluk Bay and Tulamben.

The Legendary USAT Liberty Wreck At Tulamben

I choose the latter area, Tulamben, which has been considered synonymous with Amed itself. Snorkeling here was nothing short of fun, with colorful fishes swimming happily on crystal clear blue water, with coral reef fields resting underneath the sea. 

I get the chance to see the legendary Liberty boat wreck which has been buried underneath the calm water of Tulamben since the era of Dutch colonialism. The gallant ship now becomes a natural ecosystem center for several marine beings, including fishes, clams, even coral reefs. It was a memorable sight to behold.

Magnomeous Sunset View of Jemeluk Bay

There is still a lot to do or see in Eastern Bali, and this one journey obviously couldn’t cover it all in one go. But still, I had a very pleasant and heartfelt time exploring the region, and gained deeper knowledge of one of Bali’s most understated tourism destinations first hand.


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