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A Blend Like no Other

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Another venture brought to us by the brains of Kaminari group, Musubi offers a fusion that stands out among the rest. 

The location could not be any better— right at the intersection connecting Berawa and Canggu, where all the best new eats of the neighbourhood spawns lately. Out goes rustic vintage looks, in comes pastel tones and tropical elements. Mu- subi’s calm pink hues combined with minimalist tan of the furniture and the various green plantations make this place look fresh and enticing. 

But with nearly every signature Japanese cuisine offered on their four other establishments [teppanyaki at Rayjin and Fujin, sushi at Dahana and donburi at Jin Jin], what could possibly this one have that will be different? Well, imagine reverse engineering…towards their own product. We all know that the restaurants of Kaminari is famous for one thing: marrying Japanese flavours and methods with Western or local ingredients and elements. This time at Musubi, they turn it the other way around—so it’s Western idea, but with Japanese projections. Let’s break that down a little. 

So in their vibrant menu, you will see remarkable and mouth-watering experiments such as Kogane Scotch Egg (with Japanese egg, tomato chilli relish and wasabi mayo), 200 grams Hibachi Steak (with shimeji mushroom and yukari potato), Soba Poke Salad (with raw tuna, sesame dressing, Japanese pickles and assorted mixed goods from edamame to shiso and umami flake). But one of the most fascinating they have is Sushi Burger. Yes, it’s literally a burger, with meat patty and all, but made with ingredients that makes a sushi roll. So instead of a bread bun, you have a rice bun. Instead of onions, you have miso onion jam. And to top it all, the burger is ‘rolled up’ inside a sheet of nori. 

Now, Musubi’s innovations don’t stop there. During dinner time, they switched concept into a modern izakaya. Of course with this, a whole different choices appear to complete their menu— various light bites, splashy cocktails and premium wine and sake selections. The cocktails are really intriguing and true with the place’s theme, modifying classic bar tipples with Japanese co- lours. Whiskey Yuzu Highball has yuzu syrup in it, while Matcha Colada re- places the coconut cream with matcha cream. For something more eclectic, they have the Brem Side Car, a play of the old French cocktail but with Balinese brem instead of cognac. But if you prefer your drink with a punch, try the Wasabi Cucumber Gimlet—it tastes as fresh and punchy as it sounds. 

All in all, we have to say well done. Kaminari have done it again, bringing something totally new and surprising, yet familiar (and always within their expertise) —but most importantly, it’s really good. 



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