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A Bijou Sanctuary

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In 2016, Caro Buteneers stumbled upon a compact-sized modern villa just minute away from the famous Berawa Beach and decided to turn it into her personal ‘nest’. Now the little house that she (re) build, Uma Karo, has become a sanctuary that attracts tranquil-seeker travelers and interior design enthusiast. 

Photo Courtesy: Uma Karo 

It’s not hard to find a prominent resting space in-between your Bali holiday, but to have the one with intricate attention to detail and highlighted sense of style is another story altogether, and that’s what makes Uma Karo stands out amongst the rest. The owner, Caro Buteneer, deliberately implies that the property has been designed to serve as an inspirational home for travellers who value personality-driven design, and it’s wonderful to see how she actually implement that thought into her fine establishment. 

The layout of Uma Karo is simple; two bedrooms (with rainforest-style bathroom), a crystal-clear splash pool with ‘bale’ pavilion, quaint sunbathing space and an open-air lounge with adjacent kitchen, but Caro has put her personal touch and imagination on its interior design, creating a stylish living space without taking away the ‘soul’ of comfort that makes the bijou villa still feels warm, homey, comfortable and inviting altogether. 

Caro brilliantly visualized the tone of Uma Karo’s interior based on the villa’s original Terrazzo floor, and the result is magnificent. Such example can be seen on its two bedrooms; instead opting for the plain ‘minimalize-modern’ or go all-out ‘traditional Balinese’ like the rest, she carefully distinct each resting quarter with different combination of color; one with a more mellow, feminine ambience with blends of calm coral pastel hue, while the other boasts a dark-green tone which perfectly match the (mini) garden view on the other side of the window. Rather impressively, Caro also manage to blend antique elegance with Balinese handcrafted furniture to create a ‘tropical boheme luxe’ ambience. Warm natural produce such as teak, banana leaf, seagrass and rattan seamlessly intertwines along with quality European-sourced fabrics and materials to compliment the living space’s overall gracefulness.

Uma Karo has thoroughly proved that size matter less than style in term of providing a divine staycation experience. Unwind for a night or
two, enjoy the first breakfast on-the house with curated menus, and explore the vibrant sandbox of Canggu at your own leisure pace. It will be a holiday to remember! 


Jl. Pemelisan Agung, Canggu, Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361
+62 822 3656 2302 



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